Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews – What’s hot in 2017?

Pickleball is a popular game in the US since it began to become widespread around the 1960s. This game has been a favorite family fun game since then. Over time, this has become a professional sport that is played by many sports enthusiasts.

Pickleball is a game derived from the mechanics of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is such a fun game that a lot of people are enticed to play it. The notable element of this game is its combined features of the three sports with slight modifications. The net and rules are similar to that of a tennis game. In contrast, the layout and dimension of this game are similar to that of a badminton game.

If you are a complete beginner or have some experience who needs a guideline on which to choose as your first or additional pickleball paddle, check these reviews of five of the most recommended pickleball paddles in the market.

5 Best Pickleball Paddles Review

Champion Pickleball PaddleChampion
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Upstreet Graphite Pickleball PaddleUpstreet
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Rally Graphite Pickleball PaddleRally
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Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball PaddleOnix
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Duck Ranger-Graphite Pickleball PaddleDuck
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1. Champion Pickleball Paddle

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This pickleball paddle is considered one of the best pickleball paddle for beginners and for those who plays a lot of pickleball games including amateurs and pros as it provides a perfect blend of strength, grip, and control. It allows you to play with control due to its average weight feature that can snap a ball with excellent response.

However, this paddle’s handle may be too short for some players due to its paddle width of 8 1/4 inches and paddle length of 15 3/4 inches. Therefore, for those who prefer longer handles, you may opt for those with a combined size measurement of 24 inches.

Key Features:

  • USAPA approved
  • Powerful and durable honeycomb core that provides bigger sweet spot
  • Perfect as your first pickleball paddle


2. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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Material-wise, go for the Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle. Regardless of your current skill set, you can surely go for this paddle. It is lightweight and soft-edged that guarantees performance consistency because its surface is resilient.

Many players loved the grip of this paddle. It is really soft and comfortable. The paddle’s polypropylene honeycomb core provides great mechanical performance, so players have an edge when playing.

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for different type of players and skill sets regardless of their gender

3. Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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One of the top pickleball paddles in the market is the Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle. Its best feature that you can rely on as a pickleball beginner is its wide paddle face that may minimize your edge guard hit. Moreover, for someone who is not yet too familiar with handling a pickleball paddle, one that does not dent is a must-have.

Its ability to withstand dinks and volleys is considered its best component that any beginner should own. In contrast, this paddle may not be a perfect bet for those who have issues with the handles being short for them as having a wide surface tends to result to a shorter handle.

Key Features:

  • Durable graphite face
  • Great for beginners to intermediate players
  • Big sweet spot

4. Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

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This pickleball paddle is a top-liner in the Onix line. For me this is the best pickleball paddle for spin. It is no surprise that this has become so popular among players and buyers out there due to its excellent touch paddle that allows for a superb ball control.
Other than that, one of the best features of this pickleball paddle is its handle as it mimics a tennis handle, thus giving so much comfort for any beginners who can play tennis but are new to this game. The handle is long and many players loved it.

Key Features:

  • Great paddle for spin
  • Good for experienced players
  • Comfortable to use

5. Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle has a nice color and design. With its arresting colors, you can definitely use intimidation as a strategy even if you are still a beginner in this game.

It has a polymer birdbone core which according to Duck, is the quietest and softest core. That means more power, control and pop to your shots.

What more, its weight provides stronger shots with its strong polymer core that can absorb shock in every shot. If you are not yet into power shots during single matches, this paddle may help you progress.

Key Features:

  • Light but feels really “solid”
  • Catchy design
  • Fits smaller hands

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pickleball Paddle

Size and Hitting Surface

Always bear in mind that the combined width and length of any paddle should be not more than 24 inches. The width and length should be balanced off so as not to make the surface too big or the handle too short.


Avoid a paddle that has a trampoline effect as it may result in a higher deflection that can make your shots difficult. This trampoline effect is similar to a racquet with strings, so keep this in mind.


Not all lightweight paddles are better because it will still be based on your skill set in relation to your age and strength. Thus, considering it can affect swing speed and reaction time. Always take note of the overall components of a paddle since there are lightweight paddles that are perfect for gripping and power control, while there are massive paddles that are superior in strong shots.


Make sure that the length of the handle should be sufficient and the circumference is correct to ensure it fits your hand.


Purchasing a pickleball paddle is not a lifetime purchase as it can get worn out over time. It can get scrapes as you play. Hence it is advisable to go for a paddle that can make you control it a lot better to avoid intense damages.

Color and Design

As discussed above, intimidation is a key. The color and design of your paddle may distract your opponent, so it makes as a good strategy. If you go for deep toned colors of your paddle, make sure that what you wear contrasts the color of your paddle.


Playing pickleball as a beginner or not is not so much of a big deal for as long as you know the deals when buying a pickleball paddle that can suit your skill set. One paddle can go wrong with one person, and that basically depends on the skills and strengths.

Take into account all the things you need to consider when buying your first ever pickleball paddle, and try to ace your first game with the help of the pickleball paddle you can find!

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