10 Effective Backhand Tips For You

In this report, I will give you some backhand tips. I’m doing this because if you are like me, your tennis backhand is the hardest stroke to dominate. Many people merely ignore their backhand and attempt to make up for its weakness by standing on one side of the court so they can hit most of the balls using their forehand. Additionally, if you’re a beginner that is looking for drills you can see our other tips here.

This is an error! They’ll never take their game to the next level if they’re protecting one side. Every player is different, but if you adopt these backhand tips, you will get better.

Here are some backhand tips that can help improve your backhand right now

1) When you run to the ball, take small steps.

Your first impulse will be to take big steps, but that will put you in serious trouble if you accidentally overshoot your spot.

2) You have probably listened to the old saying, “keep your eye on the ball”.

Well, it should be, “keep both eyes on the ball”. You need to see the ball with both eyes so that you’ve depth perception.

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3) Your racket face must be perpendicular to the ground all the time during your swing.

It even should be perpendicular to the ground as you finish your swing so that you are already applying the right position. Your contact point with the ball should be about a foot ahead of where you’re standing.

4) Practice your backhand; don’t be afraid to use it.

Only exercise for about 5 minutes at a time though. If you practice longer, you may get tired and start making errors.

5) Take it easy, do not force anything.

Occasionally it helps to exercise and then sleep on it. When you awake, you will find that you’re much better at it.

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6) When you wind up, keep your wrist straight and your arm slenderly bent.

When you’re wound up and ready to swing, use your free hand to firm the racket in the right position. During your swing, gradually straighten your arm until it’s completely straight by the time you make contact with the ball.

7) Keep looking at the point where your racket made contact with the ball.

You should look at the point for only half a second, but this step is crucial.

8 ) Somebody find that his backhand shots are very weak.

If you want more power try using the two-handed backhand, but be careful, your feet must be well established before you make this shot or else you will end up off-balance.

9) It is vitally crucial that you go through after hitting the ball.

You should end looking sort of like the Statue of Liberty with your arm straight directed towards the net and your racket above your head.

10) As you hit the ball, you should step into it with the foot that is nearest to the net.

This foot should end up at about a 45-degree angle to the other foot.

If you use these simple yet effective backhand tips, you should be able to make your backhand one of your best shots instead of worst. Just be patient and persistent! I also want to add that using a tennis racquet that you’re comfortable with will help you tremendously. Please see our Tennis Racquet for Beginners Guide and Top 11 Racquets for more info.

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