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Hi there! Welcome to Swing It Big

My name is James Woods, and I love playing tennis. I became a sports fanatic from a tender age and I was always active. I played tennis at local parks while growing up, and over the years, I have acquired tremendous knowledge on this sport – as they say, “tennis is mostly mental.” I couldn’t agree more! From working on my serves to speed and agility training, making quick calculations on the court, my skills have grown over time. It’s in my blood now.

And boy, did I mention the fun in the game? There is nothing as exhilarating and relaxing as the powerful and solid sound of a racket hitting the ball. Oh, it never gets old.

Well, now you have an idea why Swing It Big was born. I created this site to help beginners and most advanced players further improve their game. Like you already know, there is a lot to learn about tennis and tennis equipment, and my goal is to make it easier for everyone. There are hundreds of different intermediate tennis racquets, many different ball machines, stringing machines, and a variety of many other types of equipment on the market.’

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What Swing It Big Offers

It’s easy to get lost and confused about what you should purchase. One of our goals at Swing It Big is to filter out the best equipment and gear for you based on your skill level and need.

At Swing It Big, you will find techniques and strategies to help take your game a notch higher. Learn how to keep your score, maintain your equipment, get reviews on the best products in the market (from tennis racquets, top pickleball paddles, shoes, and accessories), and so much more. I devote my time searching for ways I could be a better player. Like me, you might be looking for engaging drills that challenge and inspire you to be better. Swing It Big has you covered.

Also, if you’re a pickleball fan, we’ve got techniques to help you grasp the magic of the game. We work on your grip, stance, and swing.

Swing It Big also unveils history on some of the most prominent ace players on the court.


However, this site would not be a success without my playing partners, Erwin, Vanessa, Mildred, and Mike, who have gone out of their way to provide tips and additional information that have helped maintain Swing It Big. Need I mention, I enjoy playing doubles with them.

With our latest ranking of 4.0 and 5.5, together, we are devoted to guiding every tennis player to achieve their goals.

If you have any comments or would like to reach me, kindly proceed to the contact page. I would be delighted to hear from you. I hope you have found my site helpful.