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Babolat 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review – Why you should get this awesome racquet?


Head Size: 100 in² / 645cm²
Length: 27in / 68.5 cm
Strung Weight: 11.2oz
Balance: 12.99in / 4 pts HL
Swingweight: 321
Stiffness: 71
Material: Graphite
String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses


Even since it came into the market in 1994, the Babolat Pure Drive got everyone’s attention.

It was both Tennis professionals and beginners’ favorite racquet. Compared to the previous version, the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive has witnessed tremendous changes at the level of looks, performance and other specs, making it the star in the Babolat collection.

While professional and ambitious players focus mainly and essentially on this version’ power, spin and overall control of the racket, beginners, on the other hands use the big sweet spot to master and advance their playing level steadily.

In this review, we will explore and examine the Babolat racquet 2018 version focusing on its different features, specs and its overall performance. At a final stage, we will give a brief comparison to the older version and our final verdict on the new version.


The Babolat Pure Drive 2018 has acquired new advanced and technological features. It is ideal for all level of players; starting from beginners, intermediate to advanced players.

The racquet is designed with a high-quality absorbing material; SMAC that is incorporated into the fabric to ensure a smooth, comfortable and convenient play. At the level of the FSI technology, the racquet’s quality string had witnessed changes in terms of spacing and grommet shaping allowing an added power, extra control and enhanced spin.

The Pure Drive’s woofer system gives the racquet more power by letting the ball fly even more compared to other racquets. Thus, this tennis racquet is great for volleys and serves.

In terms of specifications, the racquet’s head size is about 100 square inches providing a larger sweet spot. It weighs around, 10.6 ounces unstrung with 16x 19 string pattern.

The length of the racket measures approximately 27 in. long with a balance of 12.99mm. The overall features and specs of this racquet make it an outstanding choice when on the court.


Lookswise, The Babolat 2018 Pure Drive version has definitely gained some new and different modifications compared to previous ones.

Visually, the 2018 Babolat racquet went with somewhat a distinctive colored design pattern to include polished bright blue and white colors. These colors schemes make it looks smooth and attractive. However, some players think that the shiny outlook makes it resemble a kid’s racquet.


At the level of performance, one should anticipate an absolute power by using the Babolat Pure Drive racquet. When on the court, the racquet reacts with so much strength to any striking tennis ball.

Professional players will definitely feel the pop while putting uppermost spins on every ball hit with long strokes.

That is to say, if the spin is made with the stored energy, his adversary will slowly get pushed farther to the back of the court due to the power exerted by the racquet.

Overall, the racquet performance gets better with every single shot. Generally, it provides the player with an optimized top-notch spin and powerful ball shots. Thanks to the high-quality string material, the tennis ball is struck with superior strength.

Let’s us check one by one the different features of the Babolat Pure Drive 2018


When looking at a tennis racquet, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is the racket power potential and performance. What you need is that extra power added to your ball swing. That extra power is what going to make you stand out from the crowd.

After all, the main purpose of the racquet it to knock the ball and score points.

The value of the racquet power entails how well and effective the racquet does on the court. Therefore, in order to maximize your performance level, make sure to consider the measurement of the racket power potential.

As its name speaks for itself, the Babolat Pure drive offers a great amount of power for its players. In fact, it is its killer feature. You will be surprised by how powerful your hits will be.

For some, this might be a little worrying as they might fear to be over hitting and losing their overall control over the racquet. Therefore, if you found yourself in a similar situation, you should control and limit the given power to work for you. Only then you will see the effectiveness and greatness of this racquet.

  • SPIN

When it comes to Tennis, it is all about that top-notch spin. The Babolat Pure Drive has improved so much at the level of spin potential. Any player using this racquet will feel at ease striking from any chosen angles as long as you are utilizing the racquet head speed.

Indeed, the racket is designed to make it easy to deliver and accomplish any solid topspin, no matter at what level you are playing.  At the tennis court, when you are singling a groundstroke, the FSI string power material puts an emphasis on the spin derivation and maximizes it.

In fact, unlike the denser string models, the design of the Babolat Pure drive strings generate a good amount of friction once it meets with the ball allowing for more and better spins.

Photo by: @GarbiMuguruza


Power, spin, and control all go hand in hand. They are interrelated and exceeding in one might affect the other. As we have mentioned, the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive exerts too much power. This power if not handled carefully, the player might lose control over the game.

Therefore, there must be a certain balance in power and control. The Babolat racquet offers the best combination of these two. Thanks to its specification and other special features, the racquet is more or less a control racquet with a light head for further ball command.

At the level of spin, control is also executed in terms of the different angles of the racquet and its gravity. This is ideally showcased in Babolat pure drive racquet thanks to its resistance to spinning, bending and rotating.

In brief, the control of the racket power potential is what going to make you win the game avoiding over hit and losing command.


Beyond power and control, the racquet should offer a certain level of comfort and convenience to the tennis players.

The last thing you want to have is a sore wrist by the end of the game. Certainly, the stiffness has a negative impact on the players’ comfort. This is due to the high level of vibration your arms and hands receives every time you hit the ball with a stiff racket.

The racquet is more or less flexible racquet that won’t give you a prolonged discomfort after long use but it is by no means an extremely comfortable one to use.


The Babolat Pure Drive is all about stability and responsiveness. With more or less flexible frames and a light head, the racquet delivers great and solid strikes.


Every tennis racquet has a standard sweet spot. Located at approximately the center of the rings or the center of percussion, sweet spots are basically a fluctuation joint (node). 

Once the ball meets the sweet spot, the vibrations transferred into the hand is almost unfelt.

However, if it falls far from the sweet spots, the strength carried is more than sufficient to make the player aware of the impact occurrence.

The Babolat Pure drive has a maximized string pattern that includes a new spacious grommet for an effective sweet spot, making it ideal for convenient even if the ball doesn’t have a contact at the center.


This latest version of Babolat Pure drive is very effective when it comes hitting several shots at ease. This is mainly due to the soft power provided with every single spin. Players find it easy to shoot the ball with a rotate friendly spin compared to previous models.

When it gets to the racquet groundstroke you will definitely notice more depth incorporated within. With no extra energy, the racquet offers relatively quicker, deeper topspins groundstroke hits.

The racquet head speed and excellent ball delivery are some of the advantages of using this racquet. Moreover, many have praised their ability to use the racquet easily and adapt it to their playing rhythm. The only drawbacks that some of the players mentioned rating this racquet are at the level of touch feel and comfort.


For most volley situations, some players complained a little bit about the Babolat Pure Drive racquet feels when it connects with the balls. However, they surely enjoyed and recognized the power, the fast pace and the general reaction performance of the racket on the court.

This racket, in fact, fits perfectly with aggressive players who use all their forces in their volleys and still get it in the right place where it supposed to be. Nevertheless, it still might be dangerous when it comes to swayed volleys.


When we talk about serves, the power coming from the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive will not let you down.  It is one of the main strengths of this great tennis racquet. Control-wise, the player must have a command on the power exercised on the racquet when placing hits.

Racquets should also offer certain flexibility to build that touch. Touch is one of the essential attributes of scoring serves. At the planning level, this is mainly to see how efficient the racket is to place a shot. Normally, in this case, more weight should be placed in the handle rather the racquet’s head.

This offers an easy and light transfer. Stability, on the other hand, is essential to ensure that there a steadiness in the delivery of the balls. The 2018 Pure Drive mixture of power, spin and control makes it rewarding and a winner deal.


In returns, heavy balls should be struck with much-controlled power and spin. This is perfectly incorporated in the Babolat Pure Drive.

Users should manage their power in an effective way that will help up them rolling up the balls back easily and adequately. Returns should be well-targeted. This is why controlled power and the right angle for spin are quite important.


After making a brief comparison with the previous iteration, here are some of the visible new changes that players noted. The Babolat 2018 Pure Drive racquet has gained new technologies that made them stand out from the crowd in the racquet market.

These technologies allowed for an improved spin, enhanced control and overall great power potential. This has resulted in a better capability to aim adequately and accurately when striking balls. In fact, the 2018 version allows players to hit heavier balls easily and effectively, especially if they impact the racket’s sweet spot.

The racquet is pre-equipped with the advancement that will meet the needs of an ambitious and competitive player. Actually, while professionals will make better use of this racquet, it is suitable for beginners and intermediate players who want to level up their game and improve themselves.

Despite the main specs have continued essentially to be fixed over a long time, the Pure Drive racquet has seen a constant intake of this technological advancement. The only drawbacks that we can mention when it comes to this racquet, is the feel/touch. The feel of the ball is more or less silenced and reduced.

Players are incapable to feel the balls and connect with them. Moreover, some players had to harness and control the power potential of the racket in order to make effective strikes. This had resulted in different occasions where players had to continuously check and manage their power control.


  • Improved power, spin, and control
  • Accurate and stable strikes
  • Fresh new design with bright colors
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players as well


  • It is a stiff racquet


After evaluating the 2018 Pure Drive, Babolat has proved once over why they are one of the best tennis racquet manufacturers in the world. This racquet is very powerful and can help you with serves and volleys.

Purchasing this racquet would only put you in great advantages to your peers especially if you know how to control its power. While the feel of the racquet is not that great, the mixture of power and spin will take ambitious beginners or professionals to highly achieve their goals.

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