13 Best Junior Tennis Racquets of 2021 – Let Your Kids Enjoy Tennis!

We’ve scorched the market for the best kids tennis racquets, and we’ve summarized 8 of the best junior tennis racquets for beginners including Nadal's Aero Junior Racquet, and 5 of the best junior tennis racquets for competitive kids tennis.

Choosing the best tennis racquet for your kids can be tricky and an arduous task, especially as they grow up so fast. An adult racquet is too big and the plethora of brands and models available.

On this page, we first list out the top junior racquets, then the reviews, and finally at the end we have included a junior tennis racquet buying guide at the end!

Best For Starters

Best For Competitive Tennis

Babolat Pure Drive Junior

best jr tennis racquet

Babolat Pure Aero Junior

jr pure aero

The 12 Best Junior Tennis Racquets for Boys and Girls 2021

1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

wilson us open jr

The US Open Junior tennis racquet is perfect for younger hands and beginners. It is composed of aluminum which makes it lightweight yet sturdy so they can play for long hours without tiring out. It’s also affordably priced, another reason why it makes a great tennis racquet for kids starting out. 

Key Features:

We love it that the US Open Junior tennis racket is made of aluminum making it durable and lightweight. Available in 19, 21, 23 and 25 inches with a grip size of 3 ½ inches. It is approved for kids age ten years and below. It’s a strung racquet without cover so you can use it right out of the box. Your kids are going to love that it comes in bright colors.

This kids tennis racket is practically viable as it is reasonably priced, lightweight, and sturdy. The guide does indicate that it is meant for kids age five years and above, but the design is comfortable enough even for kids down to 3 years.


  • Lightweight
  • Short grip assists in maneuvering
  • Pocket-friendly without compromising on quality
  • Good hand grip


  • The grip may be small for bigger hands

2. Babolat Nadal Junior

junior racket

This junior tennis racket has an impressive capacity to enhance spin. Babolat Nadal racquet is the replica of the Pure Aero tennis racquet. It shares almost the same cosmetic features as its adult version. It’s an ideal choice for kids who play more for fun than anything else.

Key Features:

This kids tennis racquet comes in an aluminum frame and is recommended for kids aged ten years and above. It weighs 8.6 oz, with a head size of 105 sq. in. The tennis racquet is available in 19, 21, 23, 25 and 26 inches with a grip size of 4”. 

Babolat pre-strung the tennis racquet with a synthetic gut and comes with a head cover with standard zip. The racket’s exterior is designed by replicating Rafael’s Pure Aero racquet.

If your kid is a big fan of Rafa, they may be interested in owning a tennis racquet of Rafael’s choice. For amateurs, this junior tennis racket is an excellent start as it is lightweight, durable and wide. It can help build skills like spin, control, and power.


  • Composed of aluminum, making it lightweight and strong
  • Big head size to accommodate errors
  • Good control of shots


  • It has less power

3. Street Tennis Club Tennis Racket

kids racquet

Street Tennis Club is an undertaking of a US-based family. It strives to build good tennis products that can enhance in developing a child’s skill in tennis. Skills like techniques, balance and hand-eye coordination. With this racquet, your kid will be able to give better strokes and establish more contact with the ball thanks to the polyester string and construction.

Key Features:

This kids tennis racket is available in 3 sizes – 17”, 19”, and 21”.  It is composed of aluminum, making it lightweight so as to assist in better strokes and boosting confidence in the court. It is pre-stringed, made of polyester and gauged for better contact with the ball. The grip is made of polyurethane and designed for small hands. The manufacturer recommends 17” size for ages 2 to 5 years, of height 30 to 45 inch. This product also offers an engaging online video game for kids to learn about the game.


  • Lightweight
  • Solid feel
  • Good for beginners


  • Bad copies of it have some issues like the paint can be chipped easily and bad stringing job


The product is approved for kids below five years as it comes in size 17”.  It is designed to provide a better grip while allowing more contact with the ball. This benefit can boost the confidence of amateurs in the court.

4. Wilson Burn Junior Pink Tennis Racquet

Wilson Burn Junior Pink Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Junior Burn Pink Racquet is for young emerging players. This racquet will help your rising star to heat up the tennis court with rocket returns and speedy serves. This lightweight frame is designed for maneuverable, smooth, swings and the oversized racquet head with its big sweet spot enables better ball contact.

Key Features:

This kids tennis racket is made of aluminum making it lightweight and comfortable but also durable and strong. The 103 inches head size gives power and control on shots. It is also a good option for advancing juniors and for those who love to play at the baseline.

The string pattern gives an edge on better control of the shots. The texture enhances the grip and provides comfort and ease.

This kids tennis racquet is better for an experienced player as it is light, comfortable and simple to swing. With an attractive combination of pink and black, your kid can delightfully play in style. 


  • Enhanced grip and comfort
  • Better control
  • Attractive pink color


  • The racquet may be too heavy for smaller kids

5. Wilson Serena Williams Junior

Wilson Serena Williams Junior

Help your little girl swing like Serene Williams with this Wilson Serena Williams junior tennis racquet. It is one of the best kids tennis racquet for girls who are venturing into tennis as it features an easy-to-manage, lightweight aerodynamic frame.

Key Features:

For enhanced swing, this racquet is made lightweight and has an aerodynamic frame. The 21” pre-strung racquet is recommended for ages 5 to 7 years. The oversized sweet spot gives a forgiving play that your little girl needs in order to develop the skill. This pretty pink racquet is available in 19, 21, 23 and 25-inch racquet.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Durable frame and strings
  • Fine grip


  • A little bit stiff frame

6. Babolat B’Fly Junior

Babolat B’Fly Junior Racket

The appealing feature of this Babolat B’fly Junior Tennis racket is that it’s easy to use because of its wide head. It’s an ideal choice for beginners. The memo grip technology builds up a powerful grip. The style of the racquet is beautiful with its vibrant colors. It is surely an eye candy!

Key Features:

This racquet has a wider head (89 square inches), so there is ample room for reliable contact. It is composed of aluminum, making it lightweight and convenient to maneuver, and comfortable enough to swing.

The racquet comes pre-strung with a synthetic gut and it is available in 19, 21, 23 or 25 inches, it is approved for ages below five years. Designed with memo grip technology, it provides an exceptional and comfortable grip of 3 to 3/4” to those little hands. It comes with a head cover and is available in attractive colors.


  • Fine grip and maneuverability
  • Easy to rally and develop skills
  • Great for competitive play


  • Limited choice of colors


For beginners, this racquet provides more features like wider head for more possible shots, fine grip, comfort, and lightweight for easy maneuvers and swings. At just 5.5 ounces strung weight, making it one of the best kids tennis racquets. Your little kid will thank you for this super comfortable racquet.

7. HEAD Speed Junior

Kids tennis racket

This racquet has the advantage of comfort, going easy on the wrist and hand. It is designed for juniors who are looking to elevate their skill and makes for great age-appropriate equipment. The short length of the racquet makes it easy to swing while the beam and the head size are equal to adult size racquets to enable easy control, spin, and power. It is pretty stable as well.

Key Features: 

The racquet is composed of aluminum and comes pre-strung. It is available in sizes 19”, 21” 23” and 25”. The head size is 107 sq. in., weighing 6.7 oz while the racquet’s length is 23.0 in., with a string pattern of 16/19. Depending on the size of the racquet, the weight and length of the racquet differ.


  • Good grip
  • Easy on the wrist and hand
  • Comfortable
  • Stable


  • This is only good for starters


This racquet is great for starters as it is lightweight, comfortable and has a good grip. It is available in a range of sizes, so depending on your kid’s height, you can buy the right size. With the right size, this racquet can provide comfort and confidence in the court.

8. Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket for Toddlers

toddler starter tennis racquet

This little toddler tennis racket 16-21" is as pretty as they come! With a bow nice looking tennis bag for your kids. This toddler tennis racket is perfect for any small child starting out.  If your little one loves to play in style, this is the perfect racquet for them. The tennis racket is easy to control and perfect for ages 2 to 5.

Key Features:

This racquet comes in sizes 16-21”, giving a wide range of choice for different ages. It has an amazing grip, especially for small hands. It will surprise you how well strung and sturdy this pretty little racquet can be. It has a 65 square inch surface making it easier for your kids to hit the ball. 


  • Pretty and stylish
  • Good grip
  • Durable
  • Delightful color


  • Heavier compared to other junior racquets


The racquet has an attractive design, so kids may be interested in taking it to play in the courts. The racquet is good for starters, especially girls between 2-5 years. You can also find larger sizes for older kids.

Best Junior Tennis Racquets for Competitive Play

1. Babolat Pure Aero Junior

babalot junior racket

Continuing our list of the best kids tennis racquet is the Babolat Pure Aero Junior. This is a junior tennis racket for more serious kids. Babolat Pure Aero Junior is suitable for juniors before they transition to the higher level, and play with an adult racquet. It is perfect for competitive juniors who take the sport seriously. What we love about this racquet is its potential to boost the games with powerful shots and spins. It is also lightweight and pretty durable.

Key features:

This racquet is composed of graphite with a strung weight of 9 0z and a head size of 100 sq. in. The racquet comes pre-strung, with a carrying case. Available in 25 and 26 inches, the racquet is recommended for 8 to 12-year olds.


  • Powerful shots and spins
  • Excellent playability
  • Suitable for intermediate or advanced players


  • Because it’s a higher tier racquet, it is much expensive compared to others


The racquet is graphite made and delivers powerful shots and great spins. If your kid is serious about the sport and is transitioning to a higher level, this racquet is a worthy investment.

2. Babolat Pure Drive Junior

best jr tennis racquet

Babolat is a well-known brand in the tennis racquets industry for its quality products. If your kid is looking for a better performance racquet, this is it.

The Babolat Pure Drive 25 Junior Tennis Racquet is 2-inch smaller version than the world-class, adult length Pure Drive, complete with same advanced tennis racket technologies. It is by far one of the best kids tennis racquets on the market. 

This racquet enables higher power with control and ease. Your daughter or son will definitely love this awesome racquet. The Babolat Pure Drive is great for kids 8 to 12 years old.

Key Features:

It has a built-in cortex system which enhances better control on each hit. The woofer technology in the racquet also gives maximum control and sensation with every strike. All these will improve the game as the player can naturally feel every strike of the ball and feel connected with the game.

This one comes in a minimalist design. It has a cover with a strap and it comes pre-strung. The string is made of standard synthetic gut and is composed of graphite. This great racquet is available in 25 and 26 inches.


  • Power and speed potential
  • Great for competitive play
  • Light and has great grip


  • Expensive but the money you’re going to spend is all worth it


The racquet can be a little pricey for a junior, but with the quality of performance it delivers, it is well worth the investment. You kid will have a higher benefit in the court with power and speed potential. It is durable which outweighs the price. This racquet is highly recommended for players progressing towards an advanced stage.

3. HEAD Gravity Jr.

Head Gravity kids racquet

This junior tennis racket provides good power with less shock to the arms. The swing speed it delivers can range from medium to fast, while the stroke style can be between medium to full. Your kid will be able to provide amazing spins on serves. Great for tournaments and advanced tennis lessons.

Key Features:

It is composed of graphene touch and graphite. It comes pre-strung with synthetic gut and weighs 9.1 oz. strung. At 26” and a 4” grip it is suitable for kids over age 10. The string pattern is 16/19. It has a wider head size (100 sq. in.) that gives added control. According to HEAD, this is a scaled down of its adult version. This is a great option if your kid is starting to hit green balls.


  • Good controlled power
  • Good spin
  • Great for advanced tennis lessons and competitive Tennis


  • Pricey


We like it that this HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct Junior racquet can deliver high but controlled power with lesser shock on the arms. It also provides a good spin and speed. Thus, even if the product comes with a pretty high price, it pays to buy a good product that satisfies the player and do justice to the sport. We highly recommend this racquet for rising juniors, who prefers a fast and powerful racquet but goes easy on the arms

4. Wilson Pro Staff Junior

wilson best kids racket

The Wilson Pro Staff Junior Tennis Racquet is inspired by Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 design. If your kid is a fan of the legend’s playing technique, they will love this racquet. What we value in this racquet is the advantage it has for delivering accurate, precise, and fine performance.

Key Features:

The head is bigger (100sq. in) and is made of an aerodynamic frame. It is composed of graphite. The BLX technology accentuates the feel of each strike and provides comfort. This 26” racquet is suitable for intermediate to advanced level juniors between 9 to 10 years of age. The unstrung racquet weighs 8.5 oz. /240 g, which is well balanced making it possible to deliver heavy shots. The grip size is 4” with a string pattern of 16×18.


  • Great feel and control
  • Accurate and precise
  • Better performance
  • Comfort and better strike


  • The default string has a poor quality


It may not exactly be budget-friendly but it is well worth the price you pay for. This racquet has a great feel and comfort. It hits with precision, so your kid can deliver a good serve. It has reasonable control too, especially for hard hitters. It is a good buy for those juniors who are advancing to a higher level, and who strives for impressive performance and precision.

5. Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racquet is one of the best kids tennis rackets for a rising star. The kids tennis racket is inspired by the Wilson Clash family's adult version, so you can be assured that this is a high-quality kids tennis racket. This is a great kids tennis racket for ages 11 and up.

Key Features

The Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racquet has an incredible flexible frame due to its FreeFlex technology. The FreeFlex is a proprietary carbon mapping construction that allows the frame to bend better to increase the amount of time the ball resides on the string bed. This will help maximize better ball placement and power.

Another great feature that the kids tennis racket offers is StableSmart technology. When taking a shot, StableSmart upholds the swing motion's stability, giving a feel of ultimate control on the tennis court.

The kid tennis racket also includes Wilson Clash's Dynamic Stability X-Section Technology to help maintain consistency in a junior tennis racket.

The Wilson Clash 26 Junior tennis racket has a head size of 100 square inches. It uses a string pattern of 16 x 19, and the unstrung weight is 245 grams.


  • Great balance of control and power
  • Accurate and precise
  • Modeled after the Clash 100


  • You may want to consider replacing the junior tennis racket strings for higher competition


It may not exactly be budget-friendly than other junior tennis rackets for kids on our list, but that price is worth it for children playing at a higher level. The Clash 26 Junior kids tennis racket has a great feel, control, and comfort. It hits with precision, so your kid can deliver a good serve.

The Right Age for your Kids to Start Tennis?

kids can play tennis

There is no universally accepted age to start playing tennis. It all depends on the skill, capabilities, interest, and focus of your kid. However, some experts claim that 4-5 years can be a reasonable age, as by this time kids tend to have developed quite well in their psychomotor skills and their ability to coordinate and focus.

To get them involved it is important to provide them the right equipment and the goal should be to get them out on the court and let them have fun. Remember, your child can start playing at any age. Roger Federer started playing tennis at age 8 and it worked out just fine for him.

Testing Racquet Length for Your Child

The right size also matters besides the right brand and features.

I can explain this in words but I believe watching a video on how to do it is much easier and clearer.

How to Choose a Junior Tennis Racquet?

Money is important but so is time. As a parent, we understand there’s never enough of it.

So when it comes to problems that would take an unfeasible amount of time to figure out, we want to gather together out best to share the benefit of our research so you can save your time.

Here are some of the most common problems that parents simply can’t fix without pouring in an exorbitant amount of time.

Tennis Racquet Sizing For Kids

You can’t always follow the age guideline given by manufacturers because every child is different and grows at their own pace. As a parent, you should take the time to ensure your child gets the appropriate racquet so they can stay injury free and have fun on the court.

Having said that, the most important measurements to select a racquet for your child is their height and the racquet length.

Here is a simple chart that outlines the approximate racquet size for a certain age and height. This is a good starting point and should narrow things down for you.

Junior racquet sizing guide

Chart by ThriftyParent

Grip Size

The circumference of the racquet’s handle is the grip size. Selecting the right grip size for kids is quite easy almost all grip size for junior tennis racquets come in a 4-inch grip. Although rare, you may also find other variations.

If you find the grip size is too big for your child, you can speak to their instructor about it because making the grip smaller can be a challenge. Alternately, you can take it to a nearby tennis shop as they will be better equipped to make the necessary modifications. For smaller grips, you can simply add an overgrip to build up the grip.

Tennis Strings

Junior tennis racquets generally come pre-strung from the manufacturers unlike that of the best tennis racquets for adults. This shouldn’t be a problem because strings aren’t really a factor during the learning stages.

At such an early age, your child has still not yet developed the skills to be able to detect the subtle difference in performance that strings give.

Parents shouldn’t worry about it until their child starts using 12-inch full-size tennis racquets which normally happens only when they hit their teens.


Just like the strings, racquet materials shouldn’t be a factor when buying tennis racquets for kids. The only thing that matter to them at this stage is the weight.

Kids tennis racquets are generally made of lightweight and affordable aluminum while in some cases it is made of graphite. This is a good thing especially for the parents because these materials are affordable. Aluminum racquets are great for starters while graphites are more suitable for advanced juniors.


There are varieties of colors available for junior tennis racquets. Younger players tend to choose racquets based on the color. Especially kids below eight years tend to be captivated by their favorite color, which also motivates them to play in the court.

Favorite Tennis Star

Tennis players also play an important role in a kid’s choice of racquet. When a kid becomes old enough to recognize the players on TV, they tend to pay attention to the racquet brand that their idol uses. You will find a lot of brands in the market that sells children’s version of their most popular sponsored players like Dominic Thiem, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer.

best junior racquet for kids


What are the other useful things to get other than the racquet?

Aside from a junior tennis racquet, you can also buy a tennis racquet cover and some starter tennis balls for your kids. A tennis bag and shoes are not required but they can be helpful.

Junior tennis racquet vs senior ones as a beginner?

Junior racquets are specially designed for kids. Manufacturers designed it that way for ease of use while teaching them the right habits. Light racquets are perfect for smaller kids. For older and bigger kids, a full-size racquet like 27 inches and above is a great option. As long as they can swing it easily and they already have good techniques.

Junior to adult tennis racquet?

If your kid is an advancing junior and can handle a full-size tennis racquet, you can visit my Tennis Racquet for Beginners Guide.

Can adults use junior tennis racquet?

I can’t see any advantages of using a junior racquet if you’re an adult. It is advisable to use adult tennis racquet as it gives an edge to the experience plus you will develop bad habits when using a real junior tennis racquet. Even if you are a complete beginner, it is better to buy an adult racquet.

What are the prices range for junior tennis racquet?

The price for junior tennis racquets can range from approximately $ 15 to $150, depending on the brand, the size, material composition and additional features.

The determining factor in price is especially the material used. So, aluminum tennis racquets cost cheaper than graphite materials.

Is it okay for kids to practice against Tennis Ball Machines?

Yes, practicing with tennis ball machines are a great option. There are several different types of tennis serving machines that can adjust the ball speed for their children. 

Is okay for kids to wear sunglasses?

If sunlight interferes with your kid seeing the ball then we recommended wearing sunglass.


Junior racquets are made for kids who do not have the physique and strength of an adult to handle adult racquet. This situation makes it crucial to identify and buy the right racquet for them. There are specific considerations worth remembering before buying one.

One critical aspect is the age and height of your kid. Another is whether the kid has developed an interest in the sport. If so, for further buys, it will be wise to invest in quality tennis racquets and help hone your kid’s skills, abilities, and capabilities.

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