Best Lightweight Pickleball Paddles of 2021: Complete Guide

New to pickleball? The best lightweight pickleball paddle can surely help you excel at your next game. Lightweight pickleballs are an excellent option if you are looking to maximize your swing speed. 

With heightened agility and spectacular maneuverability, your shots will become more unpredictable.

Below are 10 of the best lightweight options for players of all skill levels.

Best Lightweight Pickleball Paddle Reviews

1. Synapse Pickleball Paddle

lightweight paddle

The Synapse Pickleball Paddle is an attractive choice for players who want plenty of power without sacrificing weight.

Some of its most notable features include a specialized core, a heavy-duty carbon fiber face, and an innovative edge guard for added protection.

It also has a convenient case to protect the paddle while traveling.


One of the most impressive things about this paddle is its aramid core.

Compared to other brands, this material is mostly used in luxury airliners, which provides superior quality without adding weight.

Along with the aramid, you'll also find a Nomex honeycomb interior, which is the ideal material for the best possible longevity.

If you've used a paddle before, you've likely noticed it was either durable and too heavy or flimsy and lightweight.

This paddle takes your playing to a new level, offering superior strength without adding on more ounces.

Another exciting feature is its carbon fiber face, which is highly reactive and responsive, allowing you to make the best possible shots.

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, you'll love having improved ball control.

You'll seamlessly be able to hit lines and confuse your opponents, helping to lead you to victory with every round.

The Synapse Pickleball Paddle is also quite essential to consider for players who suffer from tennis elbow and frequent arm fatigue.

With the lightweight design of the unit, your elbow and arm will be far less likely to ache, reducing your need for special equipment.

Players will also appreciate how agile it feels in their hands, especially when you have to reach for shots out of the way.

Overall, it is a fantastic upgrade from heavyweight paddles that sacrifice agility, as this model offers the best of both worlds. With this pickleball paddle along with practicing drills, there is no question that you will improve your game.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Questionable longevity
  • Shots might sound hollow
  • May require additional grip

2. Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle

Opting for a wide-body paddle is an excellent option for beginners and players who want to improve their hit averages.

The Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle has a more vast body and a unique core, and it is USAPA-approved.

With its sleek and stylish appeal, it is bound to fit well with the pickleball gear already in your equipment bag.


The USAPA approves this paddle, but it has also been rigorously tested to ensure it is good to use for tournaments.

According to the manufacturer, over 200 professional players prefer to use this paddle, especially as it's made in the US.

Compared to all of the other paddles available from Selkirk, this model has the most extensive face, which is exceptional for reaching long shots.

You'll find that the Latitude is perfect for players who prefer larger paddles that aren't too heavy.

It is specially designed to maintain its lightweight appeal, boosting your agile performance on the court.

After your first use, you're bound to realize how easily it improves your game and your percentages.

The core of this paddle is something to make a note of. With the patented PowerCore Polymer core, you'll have superior responsiveness and exceptional sweet spot coverage.

In turn, this will assist you in making the best possible shots. Hard-to-hit balls will become far easier to take advantage of, which can significantly improve your rating.

Another patented technology in the Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle is PolyFlex, which helps neutralize your opponent's spin.

With this feature, it's much simpler to tackle the more energetic hits from more heavyweight opponents.

EdgeSentry Protection is ideal for any paddle, as it helps to ensure its durability over the years.

With EdgeSentry, the edge guard on your paddle is substantially thinner and more lightweight, helping it not to affect your paddle's weight.

Also, your shots won't be affected by the edging if the ball happens to land there.

For your comfort, you'll like the Selkirk ThinGrip Handle, which is made from a comfortable material for all players.

You won't have to worry about sweat leading to a lack of control because you can confidently hold your paddle and make powerful shots.


  • Helps to reduce wrist pain
  • Fantastic sweet spot
  • Ideal power
  • Comfortable weight
  • Effective for volleying
  • Great for beginners to pros


  • Poorly constructed handle
  • Creates a lot of noise
  • The grip will tear easily

3. Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

The central premise of the Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle was to bring a new type of paddle to the market.

With its innovative shape and design, it's unlikely you'll find another paddle quite like it. What’s more, it is from a well-known brand, ensuring good quality all the way.

With four different colors available in two grip sizes, you can easily choose the perfect paddle for your playing style.


As mentioned, this paddle comes in two different grip sizes, allowing players to choose between a large and small grip.

Depending on your hand's size and how you play, it will be much simpler to find a paddle that works well for you.

You might also be able to save time adjusting the grip or adding more tape to help it feel more comfortable in your hands.

One of the best parts of this paddle is its unique shape, which helps to enhance the size of the sweet spot.

The more oval shape helps to reduce vibrations, allowing you to worry less about hand and wrist fatigue.

An added benefit is that each shot will have more power behind it, as the vibrations will be substantially limited.

The core of the Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle is extra-thick honeycomb, measuring in at 9/16 inches.

With this material's thickness, the energy from your competitor's shots will be absorbed over a larger surface.

Players can also make more predictable shots, as the entire surface area of the paddle features the same high-quality core on the inside.

Another exciting feature of the core is the Progressive Core Technology, which is patented for Prince paddles.

If you're a power hitter, you're bound to notice this feature the most, as all of your hard shots will cause the core to react.

You can guarantee that if you've been struggling with power shots, this paddle will help you make the most of your strength.

Like other paddles in the same price range, the surface material of this paddle is UV-coated fiberglass. This ensures the design remains fresh and new, even when in direct sunlight.

In addition, it is also ideal for putting a good spin on your ball, as the fiberglass is textured.

With a textured surface, your paddle can have a better grip on the ball, which helps you use more of a spin.


  • Can choose grip size
  • Large sweet spot
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Has fantastic power
  • Shows minimal signs of wear
  • Very comfortable grip


  • Not the best for spins
  • Frame might bubble
  • Could feel too soft

4. Pickleball, Inc. Champion Graphite Elite Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball, Inc. Champion Graphite Elite Pickleball Paddle

The Pickleball, Inc. Champion Graphite Elite Pickleball Paddle has even more customizable options than the Prince model.

You'll be able to choose from four different colorways and three separate shapes based on how you play.

It also has plenty of the high-quality features you'd expect from far more expensive paddles.


When you're looking for a new paddle, it's crucial to find a model that allows you to choose the best features.

This paddle is available in three shapes (X, XL, and Elite), each with a different form than the next.

For example, the Elite shape is far more rectangular, allowing you to reach faraway shots with less effort.

Strength, speed, and finesse are the three main features of this paddle that you'll be able to use.

It's quite lightweight, especially when compared to more heavyweight paddles, and it features an elongated handle.

You'll find that compared to the previous Elite models, these paddles are a significant upgrade, making them great for all experience levels.

With the updates to the paddle, players will be able to capitalize on faster reactions and quick direction changes.

You're also bound to find that you'll have optimal ball control and heightened responsiveness for improved placement.

It's one of the better options to consider if you're facing off with an opponent known for their tricky shots.

Among the most important things to consider when shopping for a paddle are the materials used during construction.

The Pickleball, Inc. Champion Graphite Elite pickleball paddle uses high-quality materials sourced for superior play.

The core is made from polymer honeycomb, allowing you to experience plenty of benefits, like reduced vibration.

The core helps add to the durability of the paddle, with the polymer being one of the more affordable heavy-duty options.

The paddle's surface is constructed using textured graphite, which helps to enhance the sweet spot and disperses impact.

You're far less likely to deal with fatigue and discomfort with the efficient vibration dispersal that this paddle offers.

The textured surface is also notable, as it allows you to put an average amount of spin on your balls to help trick your opponent.

Many players find that the paddle's soft feel is perfect for assisting with control, drops, and dinks.


  • Great power
  • Good spin
  • Comfortable grip
  • Solid construction
  • Ideal for preventing injury
  • Very lightweight
  • Multiple size options


  • The XL grip could be small
  • Heavier than other lightweight paddles
  • No differing handle sizes

5. Onix Graphite Evoke Tear Drop Pickleball Paddle

Onix Graphite Evoke Tear Drop Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Graphite Evoke Tear Drop Pickleball Paddle is available in five different colors, including blue, green, purple, red, and white.

It has a relatively modern appeal, and it has plenty of great features that you'll love putting to good use.

You'll find many of the features are akin to some of the other paddles available in the Evoke family.


If you're a player who prefers low-noise paddles, this is one of the best options you will find.

The core is designed with a particular noise muffling polymer, making it great for community play.

The polymer honeycomb core is also ideal for helping to absorb the majority of shock, reducing your fatigue.

The paddle's most responsive aspect is its graphite face, allowing you to take advantage of superior ball placement.

Players will experience the perfect balance of power, pop, and touch so that you can put the improved performance to good use.

Also, using graphite for the face is perfect for reducing the paddle's weight without compromising integrity.

Graphite is an incredibly resilient material but is also far less bulky than others, so you'll have even more maneuverability and speed.

Players who are interested in transitioning from their favorite tennis racket will want to consider this paddle.

It features a tennis handle that is identical to the shape that you're used to, and it's also made of wood with a flared pattern.

In terms of the paddle's shape, it is more of a teardrop shape than others on the market. This helps make sure players can balance the paddle's weight without too much effort.

You'll also find the paddle will move quickly through the air to improve agility.

Instead of relying on a heavier pickleball paddle with a large surface area, the teardrop design allows you to reach farther shots.

Also, players will find the sweet spot is far simpler to access, and it's much more extensive than in other traditional paddles.

As the Onix Graphite Evoke Tear Drop Pickleball Paddle features Hyperlite materials, it's far more lightweight than expected.

Compared to the other paddles in the Evoke family, this model is the most lightweight and the easiest to use for slices.


  • Lightweight
  • Quieter than aluminum cores
  • Speed and power improvements
  • Large sweet spot
  • Returns balls with little effort
  • Perfect for quick netplay
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable handle
  • Doesn't dent easily


  • The handle cannot handle stress
  • Could be too light
  • Edging may unglue

6. Onix Stryke 4 Pickleball Paddle

Onix Stryke 4 Pickleball Paddle

Another high-quality option from Onix is the Stryke 4 Pickleball Paddle, which comes with an elongated shape.

It's one of the better options for consistency and ease of use, especially if you need a large sweet spot.

After a few uses, you're bound to find its versatility is similar to other professional paddles.


Most of the features have been significantly updated from the original design. What’s certain is that it packs a powerful punch that allows you to make the most speed and power.

With its lightweight composition, you'll find your movements will become far more agile, helping you outperform your opponent.

The graphite face of the paddle offers exceptional durability without adding weight to the rest of the unit.

It's the perfect alternative for lightweight players who are interested in upgrading their existing equipment.

Each of your swings will have a fantastic kick, with ample power behind every shot.

The paddle's size is more substantial than what you would find with other models, which can be ideal.

Players will be able to return and place shots with the elongated face quickly, and it doesn't compromise agility.

Also, it helps to increase the size of the sweet spot on the paddle so that you can add more power behind your hits.

When you use this paddle, you'll notice that the handle is quite comfortable. It's five inches long and is fully cushioned, helping to reduce hand fatigue and blistering.

The handle and the paddle face work together to provide a perfectly balanced piece of equipment for intermediate players.

Like many other responsive paddles, this model features a polypropylene core, which improves your touch.

Each of your shots will be far more consistent, helping you achieve perfect ball placement with every move.

Players who prefer receptive paddles are sure to find this will quickly become one of their favorites.

Although intermediate players are bound to get the most benefits from this paddle, it's recommended for beginners and professionals.


  • High-quality graphite surface
  • USAPA-certified
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for beginners
  • Useful for big hands
  • Offers good pop
  • Ideal for blocking


  • A significant upgrade from wood
  • Handle size could vary
  • Minimal surface texture

7. Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek is one of the most popular brands for professional pickleball players.

The Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro Pickleball Paddle is a fantastic option for players searching for an upgrade.

It has an exceptionally balanced performance that is something you'd expect from a luxurious professional paddle.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you deserve to see a significant upgrade in your performance with a new paddle.

This model is highly recommended for players who want far more balance and reliability with their shots.

The improved design for the sweet spot helps expand the playing surface of the paddle, increasing its stability.

Compared to other paddles, the more massive face helps to bring a competitive edge to the table, as you can make the most of challenging shots.

All players will be able to take advantage of this design because it's made for all-around playability.

Its lightweight design is one of its more notable features, as you can easily move quickly around the net. Also, your increased speed and maneuverability will make you more difficult to predict.

If you're a fan of Paddletek's previous designs, you'll like that the original PolyCore is sandwiched in this paddle.

Players will be able to take advantage of heightened power and control with every shot.

The paddle's surface is another incredible feature that you'll love putting to good use, as it helps with spins.

With the combination of a more lightweight design and enhanced spin, you can create far more challenging shots.

You'll find the surface is made from high-grade epoxy, which adds durability and ensures your paddle maintains its strength.

There is also a unique texture added to the epoxy, which helps grab the ball to control and use spin on your shots.

If you're a power hitter, this feature is something to note, as you can put more effort behind your shots to challenge your opponent.

Another essential feature of any paddle is the grip, which is quite impressive with this model.

The Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro Pickleball Paddle has an ultra-cushioned handle with a high-performance grip.

By combining these two items, you will have optimal control over your racket, and you'll have reliable power to put to good use.

Players won't have to worry about sweaty palms, hand fatigue, or blistering impacting their play, especially if you play regularly.


  • Perfect power for advanced players
  • High-quality and professional feel
  • Good pop on smashes
  • Great control for dinking
  • Large sweet spot


  • Doesn’t reduce vibrations
  • No protective case

8. Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle

Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle

Keeping your opponents on their toes is vital for any pickleball player.

The Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle has the highest amount of roughness and deflection allowed in a paddle.

With these features, you will be able to keep your challenger guessing while improving your shots' quality.


The design of this paddle makes it one of the better choices for players, as it is specially designed to help with the net game.

Using an original design concept from Engage, the amount of time the ball will stay on your paddle is increased.

By offering a softer feel to command the ball, you're bound to find that you can quickly fire shots over the net.

However, you'll also find that the touch of the paddle is soft enough to take advantage of dinking.

Overall, it's a highly versatile paddle that beginners, intermediate players, and pros can all benefit from.

You'll also have the added benefit of outstanding build quality, which is something akin to other paddles from this manufacturer.

As mentioned, the Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle meets the maximum allowances for spin and power as per USAPA guidelines.

Players will have optimal control to help keep their harder shots within the court, which is unsurpassed by any other model.

You'll also appreciate the significant improvement for ball placement, especially if you're learning how to play.

Its highly adaptable design is perfect for players who play hard and soft, thanks to ControlPro Technology.

The polypropylene honeycomb core is perfect for adding resilience while also absorbing vibration from your shots.

You'll also find that placing your shots will be simpler, as the core helps to make the surface more responsive.

One of the more innovative features of this paddle is its face material, which is proprietary fiberglass.

This material is designed specifically for Engage paddles, adding exceptional assistance for spins and responsiveness.

It also helps to ensure the paddle falls within noise requirements for stringent communities.

Lastly, with multiple colors and designs, finding the right paddle to meet your style is simple.


  • Great baseline control
  • Comfortable handle
  • Large sweet spot
  • Responds well
  • Plenty of pop
  • Offers solid hits
  • Great for power hitters


  • The handle is small for male hands
  • Poor longevity after a year
  • The surface isn’t very grippy
  • No cover included

9. Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle is another excellent option for players looking for a USAPA-approved paddle.

It has a couple of unique features, such as a more extensive and thicker core and a highly textured face.

Players can choose between four different sizes and styles, Compass, Legend, Jester, and Shard.


Pickleball enthusiasts tend to consider these paddles because of the exciting technology they feature.

Every user will be able to take advantage of exceptional high-level performance, regardless of skill level.

You'll immediately find that this paddle isn't the most lightweight on this list and is classified as a middleweight paddle.

The elongated face is one of its most notable features, as it has an incredible sweet spot for optimal shot control.

You'll also love the addition of the signature honeycomb cushion grip, which allows you to make fast movements with ease.

High-intensity ball control is one of the best ways to outplay your opponents, primarily if they're known for tricky and technical shots.

The predictability of your new paddle is something you'll fall in love with immediately, though it would still depend on which you choose.

Some of the styles offer graphite faces, while others are made of fiberglass, but both are perfectly textured.

Upon first use, you’ll find that placing precise shots has never been easier, and the paddles are highly responsive.

What makes the Gamma NeuCore unique is its NeuCore Technology. It provides a large-cell core that is up to 25% thicker than what you'd find with other high-quality brands.

Each hit will be much quieter and feel more responsive to help you achieve superior control.

When you unpack your new paddle for the first time, you'll find it's ready for play. Every unit is made to meet USAPA-standards and has been sanctioned for tournament play.

Players will easily be able to use the same paddle for casual family games or professional experiences.

As an added benefit, your order will be covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Similar to other paddle companies, it will only cover manufacturer's defects.


  • Produces sharper spins
  • Accentuates power
  • Offers optimal control
  • Great for high balls
  • Offers additional length
  • Large sweet spot


  • Could arrive with dead spots
  • Uncomfortable square grip

10. Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

Heightened performance is just one of the exceptional features you'll receive with the Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle.

As one of the most popular brands for beginners and professional players, it can be an excellent option.

It is also USAPA-tested and approved, similar to many of the other paddles we've explored in this guide.


Selkirk paddles are used by over 200 sponsored professional and ranked pickleball players, and that’s understandable, too.

With superior build quality, they are one of the most popular brands among entry-level players.

One favorite feature is bound to be the X5 polypropylene polymer core. Every Amped paddle will have the X5 core, which is patent-pending technology.

The core is much thicker than with other paddles, which helps players have more control and power.

Another massive advantage of improved core materials is that they help to offer better longevity and durability.

You’d also like the FiberFlex unidirectional fiberglass face. This has been re-engineered to meet the needs of professional players, making it another proprietary technology.

With the added fiberglass face, players will be able to experience improved performance to match their skill level.

Regardless of where your opponent places shots, returning the volley is easy. You will also be able to place more unpredictable shots, improving your play style with every game.

It is a useful option for players interested in diversifying their skills and becoming a more challenging opponent.

The grip of your pickleball paddle can make or break the design, especially if you're prone to hand and wrist fatigue.

Fortunately, this model features the patented Selkirk Comfort Grip, which most players prefer because of its comfort.

Your grip will be exceptionally cushioned, and it also absorbs sweat, so you'll never worry about losing control while playing.

With the added benefit of a larger sweet spot, it contributes to the paddle's responsiveness.

Beginners will also appreciate how the sizeable sweet spot helps to improve their averages and their rank.

The final unique feature of the Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle is EdgeSentry Protection.

As one of the most concerning features of other paddles, you'll want to make sure your edge guard is secure.

With EdgeSentry Protection, players will have enhanced durability along the edge of their paddle.

Also, it's a very low-profile feature that won't affect how the ball comes in contact with your paddle. 

All of the Amped paddles have a combination of fantastic technologies that boost their designs above most others.

Ball differences are bound to be neutralized, allowing you to easily transition from outdoor to indoor play with different ball types.

Players will also love the torque suppression and vibration dampening, reducing tennis elbow and improving accuracy.


  • Superior shot control
  • Comfortable grip
  • Pro-level performance
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Uniformed body design
  • Impressive accuracy


  • Heavier than expected
  • Less responsive outer edges
  • May require extra grip

Final Verdict

The Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro Pickleball Paddle is the best lightweight pickleball paddle because of its versatility.

With an impressive build quality and easy-to-use features, your game is sure to improve over your first couple of uses.

It also offers exceptional longevity when compared to other similar quality lightweight paddles. If you haven't found what you are looking for, also consider paddles designed for optimizing spin on the ball or take a look at our review of the best pickleball paddles. 

If you are looking for other pieces of equipment then consider our reviews for elite pickleball shoes, top pickleball balls, bags for carrying your equipment, or learn the top techniques for pickleball

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