Best Multifilament Tennis Strings

Advantages of the best multifilament tennis strings are that they offer a great feel with a lot of power and offer plenty of flexibility, making them easier on the arm. Multifilament tennis strings resemble the playability of natural gut strings but maintain string tension. Suppose you want to replace your tennis strings, then no problem.

Strings are easy to replace; however, you are on this page because you want to find the best multifilament tennis strings, so without further to do, here there are.

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Best Overall

multifilament tennis string

Head Synthetic Gut PPS 

Best for Power

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Tennis String

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase

Best for Spin

Gamma Sports Live Wire Tennis Racket String Multifilament Series

Gamma Live Wire

Best Multifilament Tennis Strings

1. Head Synthetic Gut PPS Multifilament Tennis Racket String

multifilament tennis string

The Head Synthetic Gut PPC Multifilament Tennis String (it's a mouth full, we know) is a great choice for intermediate level tennis players. The Head Gut PPS is solid. It combines the right about of power and control. It encompasses a solid nylon core wrapped by a special polyamide multifilament material, which provides more resilience and a little extra power.

This tennis string is an ideal pairing for your favorite top-level racket. Overall you will have a comfortable feel and good power. Don't count on this tennis string to produce a lot of spin. Consider mixing the string with a poly main string to have them last longer with added spin potential.

2. Gamma Live Wire Tennis Racket String

Gamma Sports Live Wire Tennis Racket String Multifilament Series

This multifilament tennis string is great if you are looking to increase your spin. It has excellent spin with plenty of power. It is a premium tennis string, with great comfort and touch. However, others have noted that the strings have not lasted as long as they had hoped. This tennis string is a good match for restringing with other strings to find the perfect match that you are looking for. The tennis string comes in both 16 and 17 gauge. For a pack of 40 feet, you can find this tennis string to be very affordable.

3. Tecnifibre X-One Biphase

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Tennis String

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is a unique multifilament tennis string constructed from various materials, including polyurethane, NGR microfilaments, and H2C fibers.  The tried-and-true Tecnifibre process uses high heat capacity microfilaments for the power and feel behind the tennis string. The NRG microfilaments are used to help improve the response feel of the tennis strings. The combination of them both makes this a unique tennis string. As with other Tecnifibre strings, the polyurethane absorbs vibration, thus reducing shock. It is an arm friendly tennis string that will help tennis players dealing with tennis elbow. Tecnifibre claims that its patented Biphase technology extends string life by 20 percent and even increases spin performance.

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is your string of choice if you are looking for power, comfort, and control. You can find the tennis string in 16, 17, and 18 gauge sizes.

4. Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String

Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String

Like the Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, the Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis String goes through the tried-and-true process of heat capacity microfilaments for power and feel. It comes in 17 gauge and a length of 40 feet. The composition of the multifilament string is made of elastic fibers. It features a Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec additive, which helps improve the durability of the string.

B tennis players or 3.0 players will find the durability of this tennis string to be exceptional. Our research has shown that this tennis string will have less fraying and breakage than other tennis strings on this list. Best Non-gut string on the market for feel, playability, and power.

5. Wilson NXT Comfort 16

Wilson NXT Tennis String

Suppose you are looking for a tennis string that has been tried and tested, than consider that the Wilson NXT Comfort Tennis String is for you. The Wilson NXT has been around for 20 years or more, which should tell you how dependable and well-liked these strings are. The Wilson NXT tennis string offers good pop but doesn't last as long as other tennis string on this list. However, this does have a great spin compared to others on the list. If you are looking for a better spin, then consider smaller gauges sizes like 16.

How are multifilament tennis strings made?

Technology and our advancements in engineering make our world exciting and always changing. How we make our tennis equipment is no different. Many of us, including ourselves at Swing it Big, take it for granted how much goes into making multifilament strings or tennis strings in general.

The process is similar to wire manufacturing facilities that make fiber optic cable or other cables for your house. Multifilament tennis strings are manufactured by twisting together lots of microfibers together. Imagine how women or men braid their hair, kind of like that but with a lot more fibers and advanced machinery. After the microfibers are twisted together, a resistant cover is wrapped around the fibers. The resistant cover is usually made out of nylon, polyurethane, vectran, or Kevlar.

Benefits of Multifilament Tennis Strings

The biggest advantage of multifilament strings is that multifilament strings hold tension better and have higher elasticity.

The longer your strings can hold the tension better, the less you will need to restring your racket. This will save you money and time. This will also be beneficial if you take a lot of reps from a tennis ball launcher.

There are two benefits to having a tennis string with higher elasticity. The first is that you will have more power. If you feel you lack in power, adding multifilament to your tennis string will help improve your serves and returns.

The second benefit is that they are arm friendly tennis strings that it will help reduce tennis elbow injuries. This is because the strings will absorb more of the tennis ball's impact versus your elbow.

Replacing your racket's strings with high-quality strings will be a quick way to upgrade your tennis racquet.

Disadvantages of Multifilament Tennis Strings

Although multifilament strings have a good tension maintenance, they do break easier than more durable strings. Many intermediate or above skill level players find that their strings don't last long. However, there are ways around this, such as blending

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