Best Prince Tennis Racquets of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

It’s quite challenging to keep track of all the latest tennis rackets from different brands or manufacturers and choose the best for your kind of game.

In the tennis world, Prince tennis racquets are among the many choices you will find in the market today.

Prince is a big brand offering several tennis products that you might need, including tennis stringers

They’re known for producing high-quality tennis racquets for kids, professionals, intermediates, and beginners alike, ensuring plenty of choices for each player type.

Prince Tennis Racquets: A Review

1. TeXtreme X Beast 100


The TeXtreme X Beast 100 is a complete overhaul of its predecessor from the Prince Warriors series.

The new Beast series comes with a different string pattern and technologies.


This new tennis racket by Prince is suitable for players with intermediate to advanced playing skills.

It comes with a 16x19 string pattern from the previous 16x18 used on Warriors.

There is also an enhanced feel on the TeXtreme material with the addition of the Twaron.

This inclusion also helps improve the sound of the tennis ball's impact.

It is loaded with spin and effortless power so that you can hit with lots of paces, whether it is groundstrokes, serves, or returns.

The Beast 100 Tennis Racquet allows you to maneuver and punch put-away volleys into the court with ease.

It stands out during service since it offers remarkable power and control, making it comfortable and easy to use.

Most players find that the racket’s specifications are within excellent range and do not require a breaking-in or adjustment period.

The easy access to depth and power makes it easy to create head speed, let the racket fly through the air, and put the tennis balls away.

It is easy to maneuver, giving you enough time to get into position and handle reflex volleys quickly.

The power and spin features of the Beast 100 are very distinct on serves.

The ease of maneuvering the racket allows you to add spin to the ball and control its placement.

Returning serves using the Beast 100 gives you easy access to power and creates various well-returned shots.

The easy access to depth and power of the TeXtreme provides ease of use and excellent handling and navigation.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quick access to spin
  • Easy depth access
  • User -friendly


  • Unstable at time
  • Flutters a bit

2. TeXtreme Tour 100L 4 ⅜


The TeXtreme Tour 100L is the perfect choice for aggressive junior players and intermediate adult players.

It also received an update from Prince providing it with a better feel and a stronger beam.


The TeXtreme 100L is the lightest tennis racket from the Tour family series that provides controllable power and exceptional spin for beginners and intermediate players.

It comes with lots of volume in the head, providing superb stability for this lightweight racket in addition to a thicker beam.

The original TeXtreme formula combined with the new material Twaron helps optimize the response and enhance dampening of long and fast swings.

Its user-friendly performance offers confidence to the players and helps improve their gameplay since it provides accuracy on various stroke speeds.

The thicker beam on the Tour 100L may be stiffer than its predecessor, but it is still arm-friendly and comfortable to use.

It also adds to the racket’s stability, while the string pattern aids in sending the ball hard with a spin.

Adequate power is also provided on your full swings. It can smoothly move into position without any problem while having sufficient stability to block the ball effectively.

The head size for the Tour 100L measures 100 square inches, while the racket’s overall length is 27 inches long.

It weighs around 9.8 ounces with a swing weight of 314 and a balance of 13.38 inches.

The beam width is 23x 25x 22 millimeters using a string tension ranging from 48 to 58 pounds.


  • Powerful beam
  • Lightweight
  • Controllable spin and power
  • Stable
  • User-friendly


  • Stiff beam
  • Too much dampening

3. Phantom Pro 100P Adult


The Phantom Pro 100P for adults from Prince is the perfect choice for modern aggressive players.


The Phantom Pro 100P successfully combined modern features with the classic feel and traditional construction.

It has a thin and flexible beam and the correct amount of mass to keep it stable.

It does an excellent job of putting the ball away with its offering of sufficient plow-through.

You can be sure of the exceptional power and precision of the Phantom Pro 100P with its open-string pattern.

This Prince tennis racket also comes with easy access to spin, excellent maneuverability, and a silky-smooth feel at the net.

You can generate a sufficient amount of spin on the serves with ease.

Strong intermediate to advanced skilled players will surely benefit from using this Phantom Pro 100P with its excellent playability on the baseline.

The racket’s control level and spin are noticeable when hitting groundstrokes but with a traditional racket’s pure and classic feel.

It’s also capable of faster and lighter swings but still allows you enough plow-through to find depth with ease.

You will get a nice launch angle with more arch with its open string pattern to ensure that your shots go deep in the court.

The Phantom Pro 100P’s superb swing weight provides good stability and a silky-smooth feeling on the volleys.

It’s a sturdy and stable racket that is easy to maneuver while simultaneously providing a comfortable response and accurate shots.

You can quickly transition from the serves to your next shot without any issues.

Combining the reduced power response and the open string pattern lets you serve with extreme head speed.

The Phantom Pro 100P is 27 inches long with a 100 square inch head size. It weighs 11.5 ounces and has a balance point of 12.79 inches.

Its beam width construction is 20.5x19.5x16.5 millimeters and using a string pattern of 16 mains and 18 crosses.


  • Stable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to control
  • Flexible


  • Low power level

4. Textreme Tour 100L 4 ¼


The Textreme Tour series of Prince tennis rackets’ production provides an improved feel and extreme control for adult players.


The Tour tennis rackets gained more stability after adding the Textreme material to its creation.

It also increased the racket’s control to laser-like accuracy.

It offers a power level of 900 with a head size of 100 square inches and an unstrung weight of 9.5 ounces.

It has a balance of 33 centimeters with a swing weight of 285 using a string pattern of 16 mains and 18 crosses.

Its cross-section is 22 x 23 x 20 millimeters with an overall length of 27 inches.

This Prince racquet is composed of 100% graphite combined with Textreme material.

The RestPro grip of the Tour 100L measures four and ¼ inches, which may require extra muscle strength to prevent it from twisting as you play.

On the other hand, tennis rackets with a smaller grip size will help boost your fluidity as you hit topspin.

It also offers more maneuverability and added net clearance.

This Prince racket with the four and ¼ inch grip is arm-friendly and a solid performer that feels good to use.


  • Stable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great control
  • Arm-friendly


  • Small grip not for everyone

5. Long Body Textreme X Beast Pro 100


This Long Body Beast Pro 100 provides power and excellent plow-through that can defeat any opponent.


With the racket’s substantial 350 swing weight, it can deliver a crushing serve and a powerful groundstroke.

The number eight in the American professional tennis players’ list John Robert Isner endorses the Long Body Beast Pro 100 Racquet.

It has an extended length of 27.5 inches and a 351 swing weight.

You will be surprised with the power and stability of this Long Body Racquet from Prince.

This comfortable racket offers a massive plow-through perfect for an advanced and hyper-offensive professional player just like Isner.

The Long Body’s combined length and swing weight provide vast power potential from the baseline, allowing you to push the ball deep into the court.

The extended length and sturdy built of the Beast Pro 100 provide power and stability when hitting volleys.

It can also deliver plenty of power on serves with its easy power access.

With the extra reach and mass, you are sure to get reliable and stable returns.

The head size of this Long Body Beast Pro 100 measures 100 square inches with a balance point of 12.59 inches.

Its beamwidth construction is 24 x 25.5 x 22 millimeters and use a string pattern of 16 mains and 19 crosses.


  • Powerful plow-through
  • Stable
  • Easy to cont
  • Enough mass
  • Easy depth


  • Challenging to swing
  • A bit hard to maneuver

Our Final Recommendation

After checking out these five Prince tennis racquets’ features, we can say that we prefer the Phantom Pro 100P and its more classic and traditional feel.

Its stability and comfort can quickly compensate for its low power level.

You can even use this downside to your advantage by combining it with the racket’s other features.

The Long Body Textreme X Beast Pro 100 is also the right choice for a powerful weapon for the game.

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