Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks 2020 – Keeping Rackets Safe

Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks 2020

A good tennis bag or backpack will sure make carrying all your equipment to the tennis court easier such as your tennis racquet, tennis balls, water bottles, elbow braces, strings, overgrips, tennis towel and more. It can also protect your tennis equipment and keep them safe. If you spend the money on an quality intermediate tennis racket then you definitely want to invest in a tennis bag or backpack. If you are looking to buy a tennis bag or backpack, then know that it’s a good investment.

There are dozens and dozens of bags on the market though, so which one to choose?

Well, if you’re struggling with finding the best tennis backpack or bag for your needs, then read on to find a few recommendations! I listed 4 tennis backpacks and 4 traditional bags to help you decide. So now, let us start with backpacks.

Best Tennis Backpacks

1. Babolat Maxi Tennis Backpack – Tough and Stylish

The Maxi tennis backpack from Babolat boasts great organizational capability. This tennis backpack isn’t cheap, but if you want to easily carry a racquet or two with other stuff on you, Maxi might be the best option.

Sized at about 39 x 59 x 29 inches and featuring a capacity of 44 liters, the Maxi tennis backpack is quite big. Thanks to its size, it should have no issues with taking all of your tennis needs. In fact, Maxi can pretty easily fit up to 2 of your favorite Babolat tennis rackets!

To allow you to keep your items tidier, the Maxi backpack features a good number of separate compartments as well. At the very bottom of the backpack, you have a dedicated pocket for footwear. The main compartment also features a pair of mesh bottle pockets, a tablet pocket, and ample space for clothes. And, of course, you are getting a separate compartment for tennis rackets. I wouldn't throw your sunglasses in the bag unless they are in a case.

Notably, Babolat includes a racket handle cover with this backpack, so your rackets won’t be left exposed to outdoor elements.

If you like to listen to music on the go, then you’ll also be glad to hear that Maxi has an earphone pass-through. It is a great feature while commuting or riding a bike!

Finally, in terms of comfort, the Maxi backpack is pretty great. Not only does it have padded and adjustable shoulder straps, but it also features a waist strap for added support. Since such a big backpack is likely to get heavy, the waist strap is a welcome addition.


  • Great organizational capability
  • Good back support
  • Durable


  • It is only available on black

2. LISH Ace Women’s Tennis Racket Backpack – Best for Women

If you are looking for an inexpensive and stylish women’s backpack, then the Ace backpack from LISH is a good option to consider. This particular bag is aimed towards women, if you are looking for the men’s version you can see it here.

Of course, being much cheaper than the Maxi backpack, the LISH Ace backpack has much less capacity. It’s sized at just 12 x 6 x 17.5 inches, so it won’t be taking much more stuff than rackets.

With that said, the Ace tennis backpack still is pretty organized. It has a pair of mesh bottle pockets, two main compartments, and an additional pocket in the back. You could also take a few clothing items with you, but probably not too many. It is also a great inexpensive option for beginners and youth tennis players.

In terms of quality, the Ace backpack seems pretty decent for the price – it boasts 600D polyester fabric and quality stitching. Given that this tennis backpack won’t be taking too many items, it should serve you for the years to come.

Also, the LISH Ace tennis backpack comes in three colors – grey, rose, and teal. All these are girly colors, but they still provide you with some variety.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent for girls and women


  • Limited capacity

3. Wilson Team Tennis Backpack – Practical and Stylish

The Wilson Team tennis backpack offers basically the same features as Babolat Maxi but in a smaller frame.

The Team tennis backpack is much smaller than Maxi – 19 x 13 x 8.5 inches – so it won’t be nearly as capacious. However, thanks to its large main compartment, zippered valuable pocket, and bottom zip pocket, it will provide you with comparable convenience. Its smaller size is also good for junior rackets

Compared to the LISH Ace backpack, Team is much deeper and can thus take more items. Besides, it has a dedicated shoe compartment, so it will a little better organized.

With that said, the shoe compartment here is pretty small, so if you have a big shoe size, then the Maxi backpack would probably be a better choice.

In terms of comfort, the Team backpack is pretty good – it has adjustable and padded shoulder straps that do a sufficient job of keeping you comfortable. But, of course, the Maxi backpack with its waist strap will provide more support.

As for options, the Wilson Team backpack is available in only two colors – red/black and grey/black. This practical backpack is a part of the Wilson Team Tennis Bag series, which offers different bags and sizes.


  • Has a good amount of space
  • Easy to keep your items organized


  • Small shoe compartment

4. Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis 12 Racket Bag

And the final backpack on our roundup is the Adidas Unisex Tour 12 backpack. This backpack is a middle-ground model between Wilson Team and Babolat Maxi in terms of convenience and capacity.

Sized at 31.5 x 14 x 14 inches, this is a pretty bulky bag, but it’s certainly far from being as large as Maxi. However, with a plentitude of pockets and ample space, the organizational capabilities of the Adidas tennis backpack are excellent. It has a good number of pockets that could be used to carry your shoes, clothing, laptop/tablet, and, of course, your racket.

Speaking of rackets, the Adidas tennis backpack fits up to 2 rackets sized at up to 110 square inches (we are talking about the head size). This should be more than enough for most people out there.

And best of all, this tennis backpack doesn’t cost too much. It’s by no means cheap, but it’s far less expensive than something like the Maxi backpack.


  • Roomy and keeps your items tidy
  • Good variety of pockets


  • Bulky

Best Tennis Bags

1. Babolat Pure Tennis Bag

The Pure Tennis Bag from Babolat is a pretty big one – it has two tennis racket compartments that can each hold up to 3 rackets. If you have 6 rackets to carry, then this model might be the best tennis bag for you. This bag is perfect for beginner players and intermediate players.

Alternatively, you may carry 1-2 rackets and have plenty of space left for clothing and your other stuff.

Speaking of clothing, the Babolat Pure has a ventilated tunnel pocket that should be perfect for dirty gear. Apart from that, this bag has a few accessory pockets for other items.

Remarkably, one of the Babolat bag’s racket compartments also has isothermal protection, which is claimed to prevent tension loss in racket strings. And for easier carry, the Babolat tennis bag has a padded strap, as well as grab handles at the front and middle.


  • Holds up to 6 rackets
  • Has thermal protection for rackets


  • Pricey

2. Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag

The Wilson Advantage tennis bag is also claimed to take up to 3 or 6 adult rackets, but it’s not nearly as expensive as the Babolat 6-racket bag we’ve just overviewed. And, it is a great option for recreational players. This is a great option and it will go along perfectly with your Wilson racquets

Of course, the lower price comes at a cost – you are getting a build that’s not as durable, and the Advantage tennis bag also doesn’t have fancy features like the ventilated tunnel pocket or isothermal protection for your rackets.

Plus, although you can fit 3 or 6 rackets in this thing, you won’t be left with much space for other stuff thereafter.

With that said, the Wilson Advantage tennis bag still boasts decent organizational capabilities. Apart from the 2 main racket compartments, it features a zippered pocket for small items.

In the end, if you are looking to carry 6 rackets plus clothes, the Advantage tennis bag may be insufficient for you. However, it’s roomy enough to fit a pair of rackets and full tennis attire.


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in 3 or 6 racket hold sizes
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players as well
  • Fresh new design 


  • Won’t hold much other than rackets.

3. Wilson Federer DNA 12-Racket Bag

The Wilson Federer DNA racket bag might be the best tennis bag for fans of the legendary Roger Federer. Apart from that, it’s a great option if you are looking for a rugged and high-capacity tennis bag.

This thing can take a lot of stuff – its racket compartments are designed to accommodate up to 12 rackets in total, and you also have 2 exterior side pockets for small items. Whether you will be taking many rackets or a pair of rackets plus attire, you shouldn’t feel any lack of space.

The Federer DNA tennis bag is not only capacious but also durable – its racket compartments are lined with Wilson’s Thermoguard for added heat protection, while the rigid side panels will safeguard your equipment from impact.

The Wilson Federer DNA tennis bag is stylish as well. The particular bag variant we based our review on was colored in white with golden details. Besides, the Federer DNA bag even has Federer’s signature on each side!

The price of this beauty is on the steeper side, but given what you are getting with this bag, it may be worth it.


  • Premium tennis bag with high capacity
  • Protects rackets against impact and heat


  • Expensive

4. HEAD Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag

Finally, if your budget is tight, then you may settle for HEAD Core 3R Pro. As an inexpensive tennis bag, Core 3R Pro won’t have the build quality or the fancy features or pricier bags, but it’s a good choice if you just want a bag to carry your tennis equipment.

In terms of capacity, the Core 3R Pro tennis bag is the smallest on our list. It takes only up to 3 rackets, and it won’t be taking much attire either. But in terms of organization, it’s pretty decent, featuring a large side pocket for your belongings.

Notably, the looks in the HEAD Core 3R Pro tennis bag are quite good too. This isn’t quite the eye-catcher that the Wilson Federer DNA is, but its neat geometrical shapes make it look unique.


  • Affordable
  • Accommodates up to 3 rackets


  • Flimsy

Things To Look For In The A Tennis Bag

Now, let’s try to understand what you should be looking for when shopping for a tennis bag.

Tennis Backpack vs Tennis Bag

We’ve had two types of bags on our list – tennis backpacks and tennis bags. Although both are technically bags that have the same purpose, they have distinct features.

First up, tennis backpacks:

  • Are meant to be carried on your back.
  • Can conveniently fit both clothes and rackets.
  • Are more suitable for travel on foot or biking because they distribute the load on your back evenly.
  • Do not fully protect tennis rackets – typically, the racket handle is left out of the bag. But you may protect the racket handle with a cover if you have one.

tennis bag for you

On the other hand, tennis bags:

  • Are more aimed at carrying tennis rackets, though they can take other pieces of tennis equipment as well.
  • Can take many more rackets than backpacks can. The typical backpack fits up to 2 rackets, while tennis bags can fit 12 and even more rackets.
  • Fully encase tennis rackets, providing them with superior protection.
  • Aren’t as suitable for long-distance travel on foot because they exert uneven pressure on the back.

Which bag type to go for? Well, if you know what you need, then you should be able to easily answer this question.

We suggest that you go for a tennis backpack if you will be covering long distances on foot or riding a bike. Besides, tennis backpacks tend to have better organizational capabilities when it comes to clothes.

If you are looking to carry several tennis rackets, then go for a tennis bag. Apart from that, a tennis bag may be the right choice if you won’t be covering much ground on foot.

Racket Capacity

No matter what kind of bag you go for, be sure to check out its racket capacity. Needless to say, your bag should take as many rackets as you need to carry.

Also know that you may go for a larger bag than you need. If you get, say, a 6-racket bag but only have 2 rackets, then you will have 4 rackets worth of space left for other items. So if you are intending to carry a lot of stuff, you may go for a bigger bag than necessary.

Storage Compartments

Tennis bags always have at least a main compartment for rackets. For some people, this may be just enough. But if you are looking to carry items other than rackets, then pay attention to what kind of compartments the desired bag has.

You could, of course, just stick everything into a single compartment, but that wouldn’t be neat.

Roomier and more expensive tennis bags usually have a bunch of additional storage compartments, such as:

  • Shoe compartment.
  • Tablet/laptop pocket.
  • Bottle pockets.
  • Tennis ball pockets.
  • Attire pockets.
  • Small accessory pockets.

If you need any of these, then make sure that the desired bag has them

tennis bags for your racquets


Pay attention to the bag’s size as well.

First of all, a larger bag will fit more stuff. Secondly, size is important if you have any storage concerns. Finally, if you are looking for a kid’s backpack, you may want to pick a smaller model.

Manufacturers typically at least indicate the dimensions of their backpacks. Additionally, they may also provide you with measurements of the volume of the bag, which may be in cubic inches, liters, or other units of measurement for volume. Check these out to be able to compare the sizes of available bag options.


Higher-end tennis bags or backpacks may have additional protection features as well. For example, the bags reviewed on our list had things like rigid sides, ventilation, or thermal protection.

Tennis bag manufacturers include all kinds of protective features in their bags, so it’s difficult to list them all in this post. The most practical advice we can give is that if you have any specific needs, you should pay attention to what kind of protective features the desired bag offers.


In terms of comfort, most tennis bags and backpacks will be similar to each other. And if you won’t be carrying too much equipment on you or won’t be covering large distances, maybe you shouldn’t worry about it too much.

Otherwise, you may want to look for features like:

  • Extra padding in the shoulder straps.
  • Mesh straps and backing to keep your back cool on hot days.
  • Waist straps for added back support if your backpack will get heavy.


Finally, consider the looks of the bag as well.

This isn’t too critical since a good backpack will satisfy you no matter its design. However, if you want your bag to suit your clothing style, then obviously go for a fitting backpack. Besides, you may use design for comparison if you can’t choose between two bags.

Final Words

That’s it for our roundup of the best tennis bags and backpacks! Hopefully, our little guide has helped pick the right bag for your needs.

If you are unsure, then we have personal favorites to recommend.

As the absolute best tennis backpack, we are inclined to choose the Babolat Maxi backpack. It’s pricey, but it’s also capacious and makes organization very easy. The Adidas Tour tennis backpack is a close second with its reasonable price and solid capacity.

As for the best tennis bag, we have to go with the Wilson Federer DNA 12-racket bag. It’s beautiful, it’s functional, and, perhaps most importantly, it provides tennis rackets with good protection.

You don’t necessarily have to go for our recommended picks. We just feel that they are all-around the best, but if you need anything else, choose whichever bag you feel will be a better pick for you.

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