The 10 Best Tennis Ball Machines of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The best tennis ball machines are spectacular for improving tennis skills, whether you are an individual looking to improve your game, a tennis coach or a tennis facility looking to provide better resources for your members and clients.

Our Editor Choices

Spin Shot Player
Best Overall Tennis Ball Machine

“Our best tennis ball machine for the value with plenty of advanced features without breaking the wallet."

Spin Shot Lite
Spinshot Lite

“Best tennis ball machine for entry level. An affordable and basic tennis machine. Great option for beginners.“                

Tennis Tutor Plus Player
Tennis Tutor Plus Player Mode

“Our best tennis ball machine pick for advanced machines. Great option for tennis players looking for more features.”

Our List of Tennis Ball Machines Reviews

Top 10 Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

1. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

Starting off our list of our best tennis ball machines is the Spinshot Player. The Spinshot Player is an advanced tennis ball launcher, and there are several reasons it made our list. The tennis ball machine can offer limitless training capabilities on the tennis court, according to Spinshot. Users can manage and customize their own drills too. A great feature of the spinshot player is that you can independently control the ball spin, height, speed, and angle of every shot.

Users can control the tennis ball machine wirelessly with the use of DrillMaker app. You just have to download the mobile app for free. With the app, you can select 12 programmable drills that can really improve your game in different areas.

The mobile app is incredibly user-friendly; users will definitely have an easier time operating and tweaking the settings. If you carry your phone with you while you play, you can adjust the settings while on the tennis court.

The weight is around 41 lbs making it a great option for individuals looking for a light tennis ball machine to carry to your favorite local tennis court. The machine’s speed is ranging from 18-68 mph. At the same time, the ball feed rate is from 2 seconds to 10 seconds every shot. It can fit 120 balls. Partner it with a great tennis racquet , and you’re going to improve much faster. This made our pick for the best tennis ball machine for the value. 

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 18-68 mph

Ball Capacity: 120 balls

Weight: 41 lbs

Spin: Topspin and Backspin 

Oscillation: Horizontal oscillation &

Vertical oscillation

Custom Drills: Yes, up to 12 preset drills 

at 6 shots each

Control/Phone System: Android and


Power: Rechargeable battery, battery life

last up to three hours

Best Overall Tennis Ball Machine


  • Great for any skill level
  • Create your own custom drills from your phone
  • Great quality
  • Ability to adjust feed rate, trajectory, spin, speed, and angle
  •  Side oscillation
  • Easy to transfer to tennis court


  • Mobile app only supports Apple and Adroid
  • Advanced players may want faster speed

2. Spinshot Plus 2

If you loved the original Plus model, you would love their latest Plus 2 tennis ball machine. Spin shot ball machines are one of the best-know brands on the market.  This one is a combination of all the best features of the original Plus model and Player model. All rolled into one. It has the OLED screen of the control panel in the Plus model and the programmable feature of the Spinshot Player.

With the inbuilt App for drill making, you can now program all drills and settings to 12 different variations. On top of it, you can also program a new drill or adjust every drill per your liking. The towing wheels make it easy to transport your local tennis court. The speed ranges between 18 – 68 mph and can be adjusted to 20 different levels from the control panel. It comes with 18 different possibilities to spin the ball. Make your choice between a wide range of 9 backspin levels and 9 topspin levels along with a possibility for a flat shot. You can now control Plus 2 via your smartphone (both iPhone and Andriod) and an added Apple watch connectivity.

Recharging the machine takes between 8 – 15 hours, which will last you about 2 to 3 hours anywhere on the tennis court. It comes in a stable construction of powdered metal that can take hardball hits repeatedly. It is ideal both for the intermediate and the advanced player. The features will really help any athlete improve their skills. The full programmability will replace repeating shot drills that can get boring after a while. The drills come pre-programmed, but you can program your own drill if you feel it doesn’t cater to your needs.

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 18-68 mph

Ball Capacity: 120 balls

Weight: 46 lbs

Spin: 18 different topspin and backspin


Oscillation:  Horizontal & Vertical Oscillation

Custom Drills: Yes, up to 12 different


Control/Phone System: Full Program

programmability of settings and drills. 

Power: Rechargeable battery

battery life last 2-3 hours


Spinshot Plus 2


  • Great for any player looking for a lot of features 
  • Create your own custom drills from your phone
  • Full Programmability of settings and drills
  • Ability to adjust ball feed rate, trajectory, spin, speed, and angle
  •  Easy readable OLED screen


  • Only supports Apple and Adroid phone remote
  • One Button Watch Button Remote is sold separately 

3. Tutor Prolite Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor comes from one of the best tennis ball manufacturers of tennis ball machines and other ball machines for sports like baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. It also makes one of the best portable tennis ball machines on the market, in the Tutor Prolite.

The Sports Tutor Tutor Prolite Tennis is a full-featured tennis ball machine. Amazingly it is only 12 inches tall and weighs less than 30 pounds, making it an excellent portable tennis ball machine that is easy to handle, transfer, and set-up. This Prolite tennis ball machine is battery powered. It comes in two different modes, the Sports Tutor Tennis Prolite and Tutor Prolite Plus. The Prolite Plus includes topspin capability, higher top speed, and a larger battery. However, the features below will be for the Prolite model, not the Prolite Plus..  

Specifications and Featutes

Ball Speed: Up to 65 mph

Ball Capacity: 125 balls

Weight: 29 lbs

Spin: Top spin

Oscillation: Not Included in base model

Custom Drills: No

Control System: Control panel on tennis

ball machine

Power: Rechargeable battery

Tutor Prolite Tennis Ball Machine


  • Great for beginners
  • Lower price than other ball machines on our list
  • 125 tennis ball capacity
  • Easy to travel to tennis court


  • No ability to program drills
  •  No side oscillation options

4. Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus is solid and stable enough with its metal construct but mobile enough to be carried back and forth between your home and tennis court. You will find it is more compact and lighter than other ball machines with similar features in the market. In terms of pricing and features, it can’t get any better than this.

One distinctive feature is that it has a lot of bells and whistles. It has 5 parameters – spin, speed, feeding interval, oscillation, and height. Set to an interval between 18 – 68 miles per hour and choose between 9 degrees of backspin and topspin and flat shots totaling to an impressive 20 shot variations. With all these features it will make it really easy to adjust the ball trajectory. 

It also has 5 oscillation feature modes – horizontal random oscillation, horizontal 2-line oscillation, vertical oscillation, random vertical, and horizontal oscillation. 

The downside to this portable tennis ball machine is that there are no pre-programmed drills, but it makes up for it plenty with a remote phone connection via iPhone and Andriod. With a 10 seconds lag after you press the button for play, it gives you enough time to put down your phone and get into position on the tennis court. 

It can last on the tennis court for 2–3 hours with a recharging time of 8–15 hours. The faster and shorter feed interval you use, the quicker the battery will use up. This is ideal for both advanced and intermediate players. Price-wise, the this machine is in the middle range compared to other ball machines. How it offers quite an impressive list of features that other tennis ball machines in this price category do not offer. It is hard to simulate the match conditions because there are no programmed drills, but it is enough to practice your swings, and with a budget-friendly price, it can’t go wrong.

It weighs 46 lbs but the towing wheels make it easy to cart on and off the tennis court. 

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 18-68 mph

Ball Capacity: 120 balls

Weight: 46 lbs

Spin:  top spin and back spin

Oscillation: 5 Oscillation Modes 

Custom Drills: No, need to update 

to Plus 2 Model

Control/Phone System: Control panel on

tennis ball machine and phone app 

Power: Rechargeable battery,

battery life last 2-3 hours

Spinshot Plus


  • Great for any skill level
  • Create your own cusstom drills from your phone
  • Ability to adjust ball feed rate, trajectory, spin, speed, and angle
  • Easy to use mobile app


  • No ability to program drills
  • One Button Watch Remote is sold separately 

5. Spinshot Pro

If you are looking for a high-performance but cannot afford the high-end products, Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine is the answer. It is one of our favorites, and it is great for entry-mid level machine. This mechanical tennis practice partner will help you improve your return and hitting techniques. You will be impressed by how well it can move the shots randomly from side to side.

You can fit in 120 balls in the ball feeder just like all Spinshot ball machines. As for the speed range, you can adjust it between 18 – 68 mph, and the feed interval is 2-10 seconds, which is also adjustable according to user preference.

The Spinshot Pro has a wide range of spin variation with 6 different topspin levels and 6 backspin levels. 

The fact that it sets up the height is a bonus because you don’t have to adjust it manually, which can be time-consuming and just downright sloppy. The Spinshot Pro has two simple buttons in the remote button control. With one button, you can turn on & off the feed simultaneously while the other button is for turning on & off the oscillation feature. When fully charged, you can use it for 2 – 3 hours on the tennis court.

This is better than other ball machines in a similar price range but is comparatively less expensive than the more advanced ball machines. With it's excellent battery power and A/C option, this is a great option for tennis coaches or tennis facilities. 

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 18-68 mph

Ball Capacity: 120 balls

Weight: 44

Spin: Adjustable topspin and backspin 

Oscillation: Random Horizontal Oscillator  

Custom Drills: No 

Control/Phone System: Control panel

Power: Rechargeable battery,  

up to three hours, A/C option


Spinshot Pro


  • Great for any skill level
  • Ball Trajectories: Adjustable from Ground Stroke to lob angel
  • Ball Feeding Rate every 2 to 10 seconds
  • Random oscillation, shoots balls side to side


  • No ability to program drills
  • Battery power option can be ordered for free, and main power module will be ordered at price of $99

6. Match Mate Rookie

This is the best tennis ball machine for someone who has never played before or for junior players. It is perfect for aspiring individuals who want to become a professional someday. It features a five hour battery power so you will have plenty of time on the tennis court to practice. Moreover, you can bring this machine every day during your training because it only weighs 22lbs unlike ball machines that weigh more.

On the other hand, its settings are appropriate for all beginners and juniors looking to move up to the next level. This will also help you to improve your technique because its fire or ball speed can be adjusted. Nevertheless, the Match Mate Rookie does not come with custom oscillation and ball spin settings.

Specifications and Features

Skill Level: Beginner 

Ball Speed: 18-30 mph

Ball Capacity: 30

Weight: 22 lbs

Spin: A little topspin 

Oscillation: No

Custom Drills: No

Control/Phone System: Control panel

Power: Rechargeable battery, up to 5

hours of continuous play time

Match Mate Rookie


  • Great for beginners and children
  • 5 hour battery life
  • Ball speeds range from a soft 10-foot toss to a 28-mph
  • Best tennis ball machine for kids and it's easy to use
  • At Startup – 10 Seconds for ball delivery wait time
  • Easy to transport to tennis court


  • No ability to program drills
  • No oscillation
  • Not ideal for skill levels above beginner

7. Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model

The Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model is one of the most advanced ball machines on this list. There are many reasons why we picked it for the best tennis ball machine for advanced machines. This is great for advanced tennis players, tennis couches, tennis facilities, or anyone who wants to move up to the next level. It simulates a real player. All you need to do is select your setting and it will automatically pick the appropriate speed and spin, making it an automatic partner. This will change the shots side-to-side and the depth of the tennis shots. The settings are easy to set-up for the three different skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Just choose your skill level, and it will be like you are playing someone.

It offers a wide range of combinations. Having a Tutor Plus can truly help you get better by focusing on your weaknesses and improving them.

It's great for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player because you can choose the level. The Tutor allows fully random oscillation with varying speed and spin, simulating a real game with a real opponent. Other ball machines can’t surpass this feature making it one of the best tennis ball machines on the market that can greatly improve your performance through practice. You'll pretty much have your own private tennis lessons. 

It can hold 150 balls, which is one of the best tennis ball machine capacities on the market. You can adjust the speed of the topspin or backspin from 10-85mph, making it one of the fastest on the market. You can even adjust the feed rate from 1.5-10 seconds. It comes with an easy to use push-button control panel with nice visuals. Better yet, no programming involved!

The model comes with a rechargeable battery that can last between 4-6 hours of play on the tennis court. You do have the option to buy a Wireless 2-button report to start and stop the balls or control the oscillator.

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 10-85 mph

Ball Capacity: 150

Weight: 46 lbs

Spin:  topspin and backspin

Oscillation: Random horizontal &

vertical, fully random capability 

Custom Drills: Beginner, Intermediate,

Advanced settings

Control/Phone System: Control panel 

Power: Rechargeable battery,

last 4-6 hrs 

Tennis Tutor Plus Player Mode


  • Easy to use settings
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • No programming required
  • Fully random oscillation, mixes up ball speed, spin, feed rate and more
  • 150 ball capacity


  • Remote control sold separate 
  • Expensive
  • Weighs 46 lbs making it not ideal to transfer from tennis court to tennis court

8. Lobster Sports Elite 2

The Lobster Sports Elite 2  weighs about forty-four pounds and is very durable; it also has wheels that are larger than life, which makes this device very easy to move and set-up and store away.

When the Lobster Sports Elite is charged, it can last anywhere from four hours to eight hours.

Most only create sweeps that are random from the left and the right, but this can set up random patterns for the left and the right as well as for shots that are short and even deep shots.

The Lobster Sports Elite has a great oscillating system and can hold around 150 balls at one time.

The pros of the Lobster Sports Elite are endless, but the price tag can be kind of steep compared to other ball machines. The average price for this Elite 2 is above $1000, but with that being said, it is worth getting a machine that does it all. It's affordable when compared to other tennis ball machines that are out on the market right now.

I think this is perfect for anyone and everyone. Kids, as well as adults, can easily use this just as easily as they can all enjoy all the great benefits it has to offer.

It weighs 42 lbs which is a little less than most on this list. The handle and wheels make it easy to transport to the tennis court. 

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 10-80 mph

Ball Capacity: 150

Weight: 42 lbs

Spin:  Topspin and Backspin

Oscillation: Random horizontal and vertical

Custom Drills: No 

Control/Phone SystemControl panel on

machine. Mobile app available. 

Power: Rechargeable battery,

last 4-8 hrs

Lobster Sport Elite 2


  • Advanced triple oscillation, short and deep shot pattern.
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Shoots balls on all side of tennis court: left, right, short, and deep. 
  • Helps improve reaction time


  • Remote control sold separate 
  • No ability to program custom drills

9. Lobster Sports Elite 1

The Lobster Elite Model 1 is battery-operated. The features include random oscillation or full corner-to-corner oscillation, which will improve both your forehand and backhand.

The Lobster Sports Elite 1 comes with a full corner-to-corner sweep that will challenge both beginner and advanced levels. The machine also fires out 60-degree lobs for you to practice your overheads. The speed of the balls ranges from 10-80 mph. The machine is a great way to improve your technique and reaction time.

There is an option for the Lobster Sports Elite to purchase the premium charger. It will enable the tennis ball machine to be fully charged within just 2 to 3 hours.

There is also a trickle charge feature which ensures that it never gets overcharged. The ergonomic design, along with the large size wheels, allows for easy transport and maximum durability.

This device is, therefore, a great investment for both beginner and advanced levels.

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 10-80 mph 

Ball Capacity: 150

Weight: 42 lbs

Spin: topspin and backspin 

Oscillation: Random

horizontal oscillation 

Custom Drills: No

Control/Phone System: Control panel  

Power: Rechargeable battery

last 4-8 hrs

Lobster Sport Elite 1


  • Great for beginners and can challenge intermediate players
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Corner-to-corner random oscillation
  • Ability to change top and backspin 


  • Only has horizontal oscillation
  • No ability to program custom drills

10. Lobster Sports Elite Liberty

The Elite Liberty only weighs about thirty-five pounds and is very durable; it is designed to be easily moved and can hold up to 150 balls at once. With this machine, you can control both the spin of the ball and the speed of the ball.

The speed of the ball can be adjusted from anywhere between twenty miles per hour and eighty miles per hour, and the spin can be a topspin or a backspin. There is also so much more. It also come with a battery charger.

Specifications and Features

Ball Speed: 10-80 mph

Ball Capacity: 150

Weight: 35 lbs

Spin:  topspin and backspin

Oscillation: Random horizontal


Custom Drills: No

Control/Phone System: Panel 

Power: Rechargeable battery,

battery life last 2-4 hrs

Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty


  • Great for beginners and intermediate players
  • Weighs only 35 lbs
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Low tennis court time compared to other Lobster models
  • Premium charge and remote are not included but are optional

Best tennis ball machine buying guide?

Because there are so many different kinds of tennis ball machines that are out there, it means that there are a lot of different aspects that you need to keep an eye out for. In the end the best tennis ball machine is based on what you need to satisfy your requirements. 

Battery Life

Make sure that you can get enough of practice time with. Good battery life for ball machines is around 4 to 8 hours before you need to recharge it.


Some ball machines have programmable oscillation allowing you to create different shot sequences for your own drills. Higher line tennis ball machines will allow you to program a change of speed and spin balls in the oscillation program.


It is the direction of where the ball will be thrown at. The best tennis ball machines will usually have random, vertical oscillation, and horizontal oscillation.



Ball machines with a spinning wheel, propulsion spin is created by moving one wheel faster than the other. Topspin and backspin are created this way in most ball machines. Some ball machines like pneumatic ball machines and they cannot create spin without an attachment. The best tennis ball machines will offer both top and backspin. And the best of the best tennis ball machines will even offer the amount of spin to put on the tennis balls. 

Tennis Spin

Speed Range

Having the ability to set the speed on ball machines is important. The variety of speeds that you can set the machine to throw the balls at and the angles that the balls can get thrown at. The speed range of is important to consider. Most ball machines have a speed range of 10 mph to 80 mph, while some ball machines have a speed range of 10-28 mph. You don't want to buy a launcher that only goes 28 mph if you are an intermediate player. Make sure to consider your speed range that you want to have.


Feed Rate

The ball machines feed rate should be between 2-10. It should also be accurate and reliable. The feed rate is how fast ball machines launch tennis balls between shots. 

Ball Capacity

The more ball machines can hold the less you will have to refill the ball machines. Be sure to look to look at the ball capacity of the ball machines that you are investigating. Most ball machines can hold an average of 100 balls or more. The best tennis ball machine capacity on this list was from Tutur Plus. Usually those that can hold three-hundred balls or more are labeled as professional tennis ball machines. If you’re looking for the perfect ball to use for your machine, you can read our article here.

Tennis ball machine capacity


Weight is important to consider for ball machines, especially if you will need to transport from your car to the tennis court. The last thing you want to do is pull out your back before hitting the tennis court. Most people want something easy to lift and set-up for home use or at the local tennis court. You want something that you can wheel easily, like a portable tennis ball machine, from one game to the next.

Tennis clubs won't need to worry about transporting their ball machines because they will stay at the tennis club. 

A portable tennis ball machine is more common with athletes looking to use ball machines at local tennis courts or smaller schools and organizations. The bigger ball machines are more common in high schools, colleges, country clubs, and even batting cages and or at the homes of professional tennis ball players.


It is also important to know what other useful accessories the ball machines have. For example, extra battery pack, remote control, or the machine cover.

Remote control

For some tennis ball machines, you can buy a remote control accessory. Some remotes only allow you to stop and start while others allow you to change the speed of the tennis balls, and spin on the ball machines. Some ball machines like the ones listed in our review have wrist remote controls, which are very handy.

What is a tennis ball machine and benefits of them?

What is a tennis ball machine

A tennis ball machine is a device that shoots tennis balls from it. They come out of a pipe or tube; they can come out at different speeds and angles. Ball machines are designed to resemble practicing with a live person. The shots coming out of the machine will be consistent. They are also designed for improving specific skill levels like working on your backhand or practicing hitting from side to side.

All kinds of people of all ages use them. Kids use them for fun or even for practice, like in a little league or a small school team.

And adults use ball machines for fun as well as for work as if they are practicing because they are a professional tennis ball player or if they play tennis in tournaments.

There is a long list of different tennis ball machines, and some are designed for certain reasons. Before you go and buy one, you should do some research first to get a better understanding of everything to help with determining which machine is going to be the right one for you to use. Please email us if you have specific questions on ball machines too!

Benefits of Having It

Perfect Partner

Tennis tests your skills, endurance, and strategies, aside from being a fun game. To hit the ball and to practice your swing’s accuracy and timing, you need a partner who is as dedicated as you. You might be willing to wake up at six in the morning to practice and play, but it is hard to find someone willing to do the same. This problem has a simple solution: owning a ball machine. It can be your patient and perfect tennis buddy. Whether you have a beginner or intermediate tennis player, the machine won’t mind!

Faultless Shooter

Aside from being available whenever you want to practice, ball machines can also deliver balls without faults. Unlike human opponents, ball machines can shoot balls continuously at you without fail. The time wasted in-service faults can be added back to your training time. You get to maximize your time for practice.

Patient Trainer

Repetition is the key to mastery. That is why you have to practice your backhand and forehand over and over again. Learning tennis requires a step by step process. When you are starting to learn the game, you are conscious of your stance, follow-through, swing, body position, footwork, and eye focus. Ball machines are great for this because they can provide you with that consistency that you need. 

You need to master the proper way to do them, but it isn’t easy. It requires time before your body can do these unconsciously, like driving. When you’re just learning to drive, you’re conscious of everything that needs to be done and mastered, but when you finally learn how to do it right, it comes as easy as breathing.

Tough Opponent

To retain everything, you need to make thousands of swings, and your ball machine can help you do that. Ball machines feed you with balls at different speeds and spins from different angles. The ball can be shot from any part of the tennis court, simulating a real tennis game. Training like this can improve your reflexes making your swings almost automatic in time.

Buying a machine is an investment in your game, but considering that there are quite a few ball machines on the market today, it is necessary to do a bit of research in advance.

What to avoid?

When it comes to all of the different settings, it can be a bit overwhelming at times, there is a lot to choose from, and you have to work your way up to some settings. One thing to avoid is buying a machine that is not for you. You need to figure out what type of player you are. Suppose you are an advanced player, then don't buy a lower-end model. It won't be challenging enough for you. On the same side, if you are a beginner tennis player, you might not need a machine with all the bells and whistles like programmable workouts.

On another note, from time to time, there can be an issue or even a mechanical failure. A mistake happening is not all the common; there are little accounts of misfires. Tennis ball machines are just designed to throw the balls, so whoever uses the machine can get better at hitting the balls.

Types of tennis ball machines

There are all kinds of tennis ball machines out there, and there are even more kinds of companies out there that are making all of these great ball machines. For example, the machines from Lobster are very versatile, are considered to be top of the line when it comes to quality, but they come with a price.

They are known for having more ball machines to choose from than other companies because they make so many for both people who are just starting out and for people who have been playing tennis for years.


Why are they expensive?

They are expensive because they have many advanced features that hit the ball for different angles, speeds, and positions. They are complex ball machines that require a lot of effort to make one. Fortunately, some entry-level models are affordable.

Are tennis ball machines useful and are they worth it?

In my opinion, they are worth it because they can help you improve your game and teach you good techniques and refine them. It also allows the players to bring them anytime and anywhere. Tennis, like other sports, you need to practice a lot. Repetition is key, and having a perfect partner are the best for this.

Does a tennis ball machine help you to improve your game?

Yes, it does! Tennis ball machines, especially the higher-end ball machines, have many features like fully-programmable drills, different levels of speed, oscillations, and spins. These features make the shots unpredictable and can make you work hard. They are great for helping you get a better feel for your new racquet. Some racquets like the Babolat Aero which has a lot of spin or the powerful Babolat Pure Drive 2018 make it challenging, but with one, you can quickly get a feel for the racquet.

Who Invented the Tennis Ball Machine?

René Lacoste, the man behind the famous polo shirt and the brand Lacoste also invented the Ball Machine back in 1920.

Are there any good Tennis Ball Machine drills?

Yes, of course! Many ball machines have the ability to program your own custom drills too. 

What are the best balls to use with it?

Manufacturers often advised that players must use pressureless tennis balls with their ball machines because of its longevity and consistent results.

Are there any cons to owning one?

Besides the price tag of some tennis ball machines, (which should be considered an investment not an expense) is the wear and tear on  your racquets strings because of the increased use. Depending on how much you play you may have to restring your tennis racquet

Another item to consider before purchasing a ball machine is if you have any history of tennis racquet injuries. If you had tennis elbow issues than the increased practice could aggravate your past injury. However, there are elbow friendly tennis racquets that are not as stiff as other racquets. 


After hours and hours of countless research, the entire industry for tennis ball machines has been gone through, and everything that needs to be known is known and described in these tennis ball machine reviews.

Each machine is meant to do different things, and certain players need different ball machines based on their skill level. Some ball machines are better for children, and then some are better for adults.

With that being said, some ball machines are better for transporting from one game to the next and are easy to set up and easy to take down, and then some ball machines are better when they stay in one spot at all times. This is because a machine like this is very large and holds many balls and takes a lot of time to put up and is heavy and sometimes hard to move.

lobster ball machine in use

Tennis ball machines are great for several reasons, and they are there when you need to practice one move over and over again until you get it right, and they are there when you can’t find someone else to play with. This is a great and efficient way to improve your tennis game. These ball machines are also used in tennis drills; they are perfect for ongoing practice and help with bettering your ball placement, your speed, your endurance, your strength, and so much more.

Overall, ball machines help both serious tennis players and players just playing tennis for fun to improve their play and get to the next level. There are several different tennis drills , and the average machine can you allow you to practice for up to six or eight hours a day without stopping before you have to plug it in to charge. You can do each drill just a few times before you can already begin to see and feel the improvements from using the machine.

Whether you play for fun or play as a job, adding a machine to your practice arsenal is all you need to improve your match play and become the best singles and doubles player.

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