The 10 Best Tennis Overgrips 2021 – For Sweaty Hands and Better Grip

Looking for a better tennis grip? Whether you are pro tennis players or simply beginner tennis enthusiasts, finding the right and best tennis overgrip that will perfectly fit with your needs can be a hard task. In fact, having a good overgrip that can be easily applied to your sophisticated tennis racquet handle is a priority for every player.

This small yet important tennis gear shouldn’t be overlooked as it definitely plays a crucial part in making your performance better. You will certainly feel the difference next time you are playing tennis. With the variety of overgrips available in the market; we picked the 10 best overgrips you can probably find. 

In this article, we divide them between the 5 best tacky and the 5 top absorbent grips. We encourage you to check each one of them and choose the best one that fits with your needs and preferences. Improving your tennis grip could be as easy as updating your overgrips. 

The 10 Best Tennis Overgrips in 2021

Best Tacky Tennis Overgrips

1. Tourna Mega Tac

Quick Overview
  • One of the tackiest tennis grip
  • Comfortable to use
  • A bit expensive
Tennis Grip Tourna Mega

Starting off the list for the best tennis overggrips, for tackytennis overgrips, is the Tourna Mega Tac. this Tennis overgrip offers its users a dry and tacky feel to which enhances the tackiness of their grip. In fact, a lot of people think that once your hands get sweaty when you play, the tackiness of the overgrip will start to fade away due to the moister.
However, it is quite different when it comes to Tourna Mega Tac. With this type of overgrip, the more you play and your hands get sweaty the more the grip become tacky.

Consequently, this will allows the tennis player to have a comfortable striking condition. No more missing the tennis ball due to sweaty hands.
One package includes around 10XL grips and a finishing tape that you can use for tangling the grip if it unravels.

2. Wilson Pro

Quick Overview
  • Easy to put on
  • Stable and durable
  • Takes time to dry
Tennis Grip - Wilson Pro

Wilson is famous for their racquets like the Wilson Clash 100 racquet, tennis balls and bags but it is also popular for overgrips. Wilson Pro is a real classic when we talk about the best tacky tennis overgrips available in the market today. Used by both professionals and amateurs, this overgrip is just everyone's favorite and most popular one. The best thing about it is the stretchy material that allows its users to easily put it on the racket's handles.

Not only that, the Wildson Pro also features a vast amount of tackiness that will last for long hours of usage. In fact, this overgrip is perfect for cool weathers because of its capability to maintain its tackiness longer than usual. Once it is used in hot temperature weather, it will start to become slippery and not comfy to use. You have to wait until it fully dry again.

3. Yonex Super Grap

Quick Overview
  • Stretchy and easy to put on
  • Great feel
  • Can get dirty easily
Yonex - Overgrip

If you are searching for the perfect overgrip that won't slip easily once your hands get sweaty, then you should definitely give Yonex Super Grap overgrip a try. Thr Yonex Super overgrip is becoming day by day recognized by professional tennis players thanks to its excellent tacky feel.

In fact, it has so much in common with Wilson pro overgrip making it another great choice that can perfectly fit with every player's needs. The Yonex Super Grap is made of stretchy material that makes it easy to put it on.

4. Gamma Supreme

Quick Overview
  • Affordable
  • Durable and tacky
  • Does not stretch well
Gamma - Overgrip

Gamma supreme is by far the greatest choice when it comes to tennis racquet's overgrip; it falls under The Gamma brand collection of overgrips. The Gamma supreme offers its users a great amount of persistence and tackiness at the same time at an affordable price. This makes it stand out from the crowd when it is compared with other brands.

The thing about this overgrip is that its low stretchiness level. However, it is still easy to put it on thanks to the angled ends. At the level of performance, the overgrip offers a good amount of tackiness at the start but it can be absorptive to a good amount of sweat making it hard to secure the handle at a certain time.

5. Head Xtreme Soft

Quick Overview
  • Made of stretchy material
  • A high-quality sweat-absorbent overgrip
  • Top layers fade overtime
Head Overgrip

Frequently used by both specialists and beginners, the Head Xtreme Soft takes the athletic gear to a whole new level. It doesn't matter if you are a real professional or just a tennis enthusiast; It definitely provides the best tennis accessories on the market at affordable prices.

The good thing about this overgrip is its size ranges that allow its users to choose the best that works for them. Thanks to its high stretching feel and a generous amount of tackiness, this overgrip will make you perform better than usual. It is easy to apply. When it comes to durability, it performs better than expected.

Best Absorbent Overgrips

1. Tourna Overgrip

Quick Overview
  • Affordable
  • Durable and tacky
  • Does not stretch well
Torna Grip - Overgrip

Heading the best tennis overggrips list for the best absorbent overgrip on the market, is the Tourna grip. This one is definitely a true classic and it is quite popular among professional tennis players. You don't need to worry about how you are going to handle the sweat in hot weather conditions as the Tourna grip is the go-for gear.

Compared to tacky grips, this one will instantly absorb any sweat preventing a potential slippery of the handle. The tacky feel is comfortable. Moreover, the grip is designed with elastic material allowing for excellent stretching capacity and easy applying process.

2. Babolat 2018 Pro Team SP

Quick Overview
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly absorbent
  • Expensive than other brands
Bab - Overgrip

Babolat, the maker of the awesome Pure Drive racquet, The Babolat 2018 Pro Team SP features provide the players with greater sweat absorption and a better gripping accomplishment. As its name entails this grip is ideal for pro as it offers them a better value performance.

As you know sweat has always been the struggle for most tennis players since there is a higher chance of slippage overtime at the level of the handle. Babolat Pro Team SP was designed for those professionals who will be paying around a lot.

It will help in providing the maximum comfort those players will need and will absorb the sweat instantly with no concerns about the weather temperature.

3. Adv Tennis Dry

Quick Overview
  • Simple application
  • Secured wrap
  • Can get diry easily
adv - overgrip

Rounding up the list of the best absorbent tennis overgrip on the market with another great model, Adv tennis dry; made of high-quality absorbent material, this one is just ideal for all tennis players regarding their levels.

The best thing about this grip is its easy application. The beginners won't have time put it on as it slides to the handle very smoothly and will cling properly without being removed easily with time. Thanks to its durable and super soft and cushioned material, this overgrip will overcome and weather conditions.

Each grip has its own finishing tape to secure the wrap. It also comes with a weather-resistant pack in to prevent damaging it and making sure to safely store it. If you are looking for an overgrip to make your handle thicker or to provide you with an extra grip, these are a quality product that will meet your needs.

4. Babolat VS Original

Quick Overview
  • Affordable
  • Durable and comfortable for use
  • On the thin side
Bab original - overgrip

If you are looking for an overgrip to make your racket handle consistently dry and to offer you that special grip, then Babolat VS Original is a high-quality gear that will satisfy your necessities. Used by the great tennis player, Rafael Nadal, this grip is exactly what you need.

It absorbs sweat very well and keeps your handle dry after long hours of playing.

 The outcome design of this grip will give you a smooth and overall enhanced feeling. It will last you more than 15 hours until you have to change it with a new one. It usually comes in 3 or 12 packs.

5. Volkl V-Dry

Quick Overview
  • Affordable
  • Tech finish
  • Outside layer comes off easily
Volkl - Overgrip

The last but not least on today absorbent grips list is Volkl’s V-Dry overgrips. Offering a high level of absorbency, this one is a must-have tennis gear. It can be used by both amateurs and professional players. this grip is designed with dry material in order to be able to absorb a better amount of sweat one you start playing.

The best feature of this grip is outside tech secured layer that will help to maintain its clean finish. The material used to make this grip is soft and stable making it easier to apply it and put it on the handle. It is very comfortable. The only drawback of this grip is the outer layer will start coming off just after 10 hours and start losing its smooth touch.

How To Choose A Tennis Overgrip?

Depending on what you are exactly looking for in the best tennis overgrip, there are mainly two types to consider; the tacky overgrips and the absorbent overgrips. Whichever is you choose, tennis overgrips will help ensure that you have a good grip next time you are playing tennis. 

Types of Overgrips


When it comes to tacky tennis overgrips, they will give you full control and command over your grip performance. Depending on the amount of tackiness that normally should last up to 20 hours, you won’t need to make extra stress on your hands to avoid slippery hands.


Absorbent tennis overgrips on the other hands are an excellent choice for those players who sweat a lot while playing. These grips are usually the best when it comes to absorbing sweat and drying any moisture from your hands. It is usually used during summer when it is very humid.

Buy in small or large packages?

Usually, both tacky and absorbent overgrips come in 3 Pack or 12 packs. It is better to have a larger package in order to make it easier for you to replace the worn-out ones with a new one.

Are you playing in hot or humid conditions?

Depending on the weather and temperature conditions, you should choose the best tennis overgrips wisely. For example, in hot weather, it is better to use the type as it will provide you with a high dry feel and will absorb all sweat and moisture instantly.

How to apply a tennis overgrip?

Generally, a tennis overgrip is applied in a down-top mode. That means from the bottom to upwards of the handle. It is recommended to primarily clean the grip of the tennis racket before applying it. This will make the overgrip stick perfectly to the racquet.

Why Use An Overgrip?

Better grip

The main benefit of using a tennis overgrip is to earn that added stickiness and grip to your racket's handle. The last thing you want to happen is to lose control of your racket due to your sweaty hands. You always want good control of your racquet no matter if your are practicing with a partner or a tennis serving machine or in a tennis match. This is where the tennis overgrips come in handy. It will help you get that firm control and stable grip of the handle.

Sweat Absorption

Any one of us can have sweaty hands at a certain point and it especially occurs during humid and hot weather. If you are a tennis athlete, you are no exception to not getting sweaty. In this case, tennis overgrips are a must-have piece of equipment. It will help you absorb the sweat and have a dry feeling at the level of your handle.

It is quite important to use the grip to ensure your handle won't get slippery once you start playing. The overgrip will prevent your rackets from skidding out your sweaty hands.


Tennis overgrips are usually made of high quality, soft durable material to make sure that the players are comfortable enough to use on your tennis raquet. 


Do pros use overgrips?

Generally, it depends on the player. Some of the pros use tennis overgrips, others simply don't. One well-known player that uses an overgrip is Rafael Nadal on his customized Aero racquet. Sometimes we find professional players using two at once over the original tennis grip of the handle. This is because they want to avoid any blisters and it helps them to hold the handle comfortably. 

What does an overgrip do?

Tennis overgrips help you get that added tackiness to our handle and absorb sweat in order to ensure that the players have a firm grip over their rackets. Having a firm and comfortable grip is important. Even for kids starting out in tennis, make sure that they have a comfortable grip. 

How often should you replace an overgrip?

Just like replacing your tennis strings, everything depends on how often you play. For example, pro players need to change and replace their overgrips regularly.

Do you put overgrip over the original grip?

While it is recommended to remove the original one if it is worn out, it is okay to put the new one over it.

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