Best Tennis Stringing Machines 2020 – Best Beginner, Mid-Range, & High-End

We have reviewed the best tennis stringing machines on the market.

The best tennis stringing machines are equipped with a ton of features, and to select the right stringing machines, you should be aware of your needs. For instance, do you need it for your tennis store or tennis club, a college or high school team, or for personal use?  

Luckily, in this guide, we've compiled the best tennis stringing machines for every need, no matter if you need to restring a racket once a year or ten times a day. We group the reviews by beginner, mid-range, and best high-end.

Our Picks for Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Klippermate Stringing Machine

Klippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

Well built and very affordable tennis stringing machine. Great option for beginners.

Gamma X-6 Stringer Machine

x-6 stringer

Racquet stringing is easy with the reliable 6-point Quick Mount System       

Gamma Professional Tennis Racquet Stringer

gamma professional tennis racquet stringing machine

Great for intermediate tennis players & tennis clubs

Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine

tourna 600 ES

Excellent for pro-shops that string many racquets daily or for home stringer looking to upgrade.

Best Entry-Level Stringing Machine

1. Gamma X-2 Stringer Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

Gamma X-2 Stringer Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

The Gamma X-2 tennis stringing machine features a drop weight tensioning mechanism that ranges between 9 pounds and 90 pounds, making it a suitable option for all. Racquets are kept in place with the 2 point mounting system. The machine gamma the best tennis stringing machine for beginners. This inexpensive stringing machine comes with a 360-degree turntable rotation and two composite floating clamps.

The machine gamma has sturdy construction with an aluminum light-weight extrusion base. The color and design are excellent, especially the nickel-chrome plating that makes it more durable. And it’s pretty easy-to-use if you follow the instructions carefully.


  • Easy to use and portable
  • It has a vast range of tension
  • 2 point mounting system
  • A drop weight machine with a 9-90lb range


  • The 2 point contact floating clamps can make it challenging to hold the racket in place

2. Klippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

Klippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

It’s the most accurate tennis stringing machines on the market that is made in the US, and also the best tennis stringing machine for the money. The design and performance of this tool are suitable for personal use. It has a drop weight machine mechanism that helps you complete the work faster than the other models.

Plus, the tennis stringing machines steel base helps to eliminate the need for an additional clamp or bolt for holding down the tennis stringing machine. Moreover, it’s made with quality materials, and you need to mount it on a stable surface to use the tennis stringing machine. 


  • Accurate functioning
  • Value-added product
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 2 point mounting system


  • It doesn’t have a portable design.

3. MiStringer Tennis Stringing Machine

MiStringer Tennis Stringing Machine

This is one of the best portable tennis stringing machines that you’ll find with a simple mechanism. It’s a compact and lightweight product (6 pounds) that makes it easy to carry around with you. The MiStringer features a patented tension puller along with a 6-point fixed mounting system. This tennis stringing machine also utilizes the drop weight tensioning system

You need to get familiar with using the tension puller in this system to gradually increase your speed. Also, the clamps are unique because you need to follow a different pattern for attaching and removing them from the mounting table, unlike the other models. This tennis stringing machine works best for small size rackets and for personal use.


  • Most portable on our list
  • It doesn’t need to be calibrated.
  • Unique clamps hold the strings firmly


  • Not suitable for oversize rackets

4. Gamma Progression II 200 Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma Progression II 200 Tennis Stringer

If you’re looking for a portable, tabletop tennis stringing model, this is probably one of the best budget 2 point tennis stringing machines. When it comes to the ease of portability, this tennis racquet stringing machine has a clean design that makes it easy to move it around. It‘s an affordable drop weight stringer with two composite floating clamps. For better convenience, it also features a built-in tool tray.

This machine gamma model has a solid construction that makes it a reliable and durable product. It will last you for years to come and gives a good return on investment. 


  • Multi-purpose use
  • 2 Point Mounting - It’s a reliable, high-quality stringing machine
  • Includes pathfinder awl, straight awl, hex wrenches, pliers, and diagonal cutter
  • Provides drop weight tensioning (8lb to 90lb) with a 360 steel bar turntable


  • It takes a little effort and time to learn how to use this stringer efficiently.

Best Mid-Range Stringing Machines

1. Gamma X-6 Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma X-6 Stringer Machine

The Gamma X-6 Tennis Stringing Machine uses the drop weight tension mechanism for racquet stringing, and the unique diamond-coated ratchet gripper helps to hold the strings without damaging them. Also, the 6-point mounting system makes it easier to accommodate racquet frames with greater stability. 

Moreover, machine gamma system allows for a more accurate tensioning and eliminates the risk of distorting the racquet frame during the restringing process. It’s a thoughtfully designed product that gets the work done a little faster than the other models.

The lightweight aluminum extrusion base and sturdy construction make for an excellent portable and durable stringing machine. And the machine Gamma X-6 is the best home tennis stringing machine that you can find right now.


  • It doesn’t require any additional maintenance.
  • Great quality, built to last
  • Solid hold with two composite floating clamps and a two-point mounting system
  • A pathfinder awl, straight awl, hex wrenches and straight pliers with cutter are included


  • Small learning curve

2. Gamma X-ST Stringer Machine

gamma x-6 stringing machine

The Gamma X-ST Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine is known to be one of the best products in the X tennis stringing machine series that stands out for its manual stringing process. It requires more effort and physical strength to get the restringing done but delivers better precision in the tension weight when compared to the drop weight system. Plus, it provides a firm hold with its six-point contact mount system.

The machine gamma aluminum base gives the item an overall lightweight construction. It uses a spring tension winder that gives it up to 90 pounds. This does not use drop weight for tensioning. And it also features a linear string gripper that comes with a rotational string guide. It might take a little while to understand the mechanism of this stringing machine, but after using it a few times, you’ll be able to get the work done faster.

Overall, this tennis racquet stringing machine tops our list for its excellent features, and it has the best tennis stringing machine reviews.


  • It features a patented rotational string guide. 
  • Durable design with tool set included
  • Firm hold with universal string clamps and a 6-point Quick Mount System


  • It’s not a suitable option for a beginner.

3. Gamma Progression II 602 Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

gamma 602 tennis stringing machine

The Gamma Progression II 602 Tennis Racquet String Machine uses the drop weight stringing mechanism with a string tension range of between 8 and 90 pounds. It also features an engraved scale and a steel turntable that rotates a full 360-degree. The tennis stringing 6-point mounting system holds the racquet frame correctly, which, in return, allows you to complete the restringing process without any hassle.

This machine gamma is best for personal use, especially when you consider the lightweight construction and durability of this product. Also, the dual-action string clamps that come with the self-locking adjustment knob are quick and easy to use irrespective of the material of the string. 

The tennis stringing tool set includes: pathfinder awl, straight awl, hex wrenche set, straight pliers, and diagonal cutter


  • It features an excellent clamping system with a 6-point mounting system
  • Sturdy construction
  • Use this machine on tennis, racquetball, squash or badminton racquets


  • The tension needs to be calibrated quite often

Best High-end and Professional Level Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

1. Gamma Progression II ELS Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma Progression II ELS Tennis Stringer

This tennis stringing model offers a wide range of tension settings, and it can easily handle a high volume racquet stringing workload. To deliver a sturdy performance level, it features a mounting system that comes with six points of contact. It has a rotational string gripper with a diamond-coated surface that offers a firm grip and makes it more convenient to complete the restringing process. That is one reason why it made our list for best tennis stringing machines.

Moreover, the machine gamma 360-degree turntable and the locking mechanism gives you the option to work from any angle without having to sacrifice your comfort. It also includes multiple tools that help to simplify the job inlcluding a straight awl. For hands-free operation, you can also purchase a foot pedal separately.


  • It features quick-action swivel clamp bases.
  • It has a solid construction that enhances its durability.
  • Electronically controlled constant pull tensioner from 11 to 90 pounds
  • Includes tool set and tool tray


  • It’s an expensive product that makes it suitable for those who restring often.
  • Size of racquet may be difficult for doubles

2.Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine

tourna 600 ES

The Tourna 600-ES is one of our most popular machines by Tourna. This is an excellent machine and one of our favorites for pro-shops or home users looking for an upgrade.

True Constant Pull Tensioning is extremely sensitive and has advanced microprocessor technology.

Features are loaded with a constant pull tensioning, 6 point mount, self leveling mounting, easy lock and use base clamps, and a full array of options on the digital control panel. 

Comes with an adjustable stand.


  • It has a height-adjustable stand
  • Great for pro-shops
  • Microprocessor Technology


  • Doesn't travel well for teams

3. Gamma XLT Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma high-end tennis stringing machine

The Gamma XLT Tennis Stringing Machine is a premium tabletop stringing machine that makes for an ideal choice, especially for professional use. This machine gamma is one of the best tennis stringing machines that we reviewed. This streamlined stringer features a digital control panel that can be used for several different purposes. It features nine memory settings, string tension adjustments, pulling speed, knot functions, pre-stretch, and for an internal diagnostic check.

Moreover, it includes several tools and a lightweight aluminum extrusion base that helps you keep the tools in place. Also, the 6-point mounting system and the clamps are designed to hold the strings with less pressure. You can also purchase a custom cover, and a floor stand separately for maintaining the equipment when it’s not in use.


  • It features a well-designed clamp
  • It’s made with quality materials
  • High performance
  • Tools included: Pathfinder & Straight Awl, Hex Wrench Set, Straight Pliers


  • The practice of tying the knots can take a while to get used to

4. Gamma X-ELS

gama x-els

The Gamma X-ELS Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine is an expensive model, but if it suits your budget, it makes for a great purchase. It has a simple mechanism that helped make the list for best tennis stringing machines, so you won’t face any trouble while using the product. The advanced features increase the price of the X-ELS unit. Moreover, you don’t need to calibrate the stringer very often because it features an electronic string tension system.

And for those of you who prefer not to hand crank the string tension, the machine gamma electronic design is a suitable option and makes raquect stringing easier. You need to just enter the desired tension level on the digital control panel. It not only measures the tension but also automatically applies the tension. Plus, it has a 6-point contact system that allows the racquet frame to remain stable during the restringing process.


  • It features a digital control that can be used to set pulling speed and the tension level
  • The drop weight tensioning mechanism can accommodate a range of 9 to 90 pounds
  • Includes tool set
  • Custom Tension
  • Tool set includes: pathfinder awl, straight awl, hex wrench set, straight pliers, and diagonal cutter


  • No tool storage try

5. Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

Gamma Progression II

The Progression ST II Tennis Stringing Machine by Gamma is an expensive model when compared to the X-series. It features an exciting manual tension setting design for which you’ll need to use your physical strength for setting the tension level. The string tension can be placed within a wide range from between 9 and 90 pounds.

It also provides with a six-point of contact, which helps to hold the racquet frame more securely during the restringing process. This tennis stringing model is pretty lightweight; therefore, you won’t face any issues even if you want to carry it to a tournament.

The machine gamma ships a variety of tools with this stringing machine that includes two pliers, awls, and a hex wrench set. The base has two drawers with a good amount of storage space that keeps you from misplacing the tools.


  • It has a lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Accurate and stable strikes
  • 6 Point Mounting
  • Tool set and tray included


  • Amazona comments have suggested that there are rust concerns

7. Gamma Professional Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

gamma professional tennis racquet stringing machine

The Gamma Tennis Stringing Machine is a premium quality, and one of the best tennis stringing machines. It is full-kitted, standalone manual crank racquet stringing machine that features a 6-point contact system. It has a calibrated tension: manual spring tension winder between 9 and 90 lbs. Comes with a patented rotational string guide.

The racquets won't slip with the diamond coated linear string gripper. Universal design: A self-centering mounting System provide solid clamping pressure for both badminton and tennis.

Easy to understand tension readings.


  • It can generate tension from between 9 and 90 pounds
  • It uses fixed clamps and has six contact points.
  • Comes with a sturdy stand
  • Full 360 degree turntable with brake


  • Expensive for a non-electric stringer

8. Tourna CUBE Precision Stringing Machine

Tourna Cube Tennis Stringing Machine

The Tourna CUBE Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine has an innovative design that makes it a point of visual delight and stands out amongst the other stringing machines. Every design feature in this model comes with a high level of functionality. It has a tool rack and a USB port that you can use for charging a tablet or phone. Plus, it comes with a 6-point contact system to hold the racket frame in place.

You can also adjust the height of the workstation by using the extending bar, which is built into the turntable making it versatile for multiple users. The CUBE has approximately eight memory settings for six different pull speeds and tension levels.

It also features a long and diablo-pull tension head that comes with an auto-start system. What makes it more convenient are the clamps that are placed on arcing tracks, which allows for a smooth movement when moving from one string to the other.


  • It comes with an innovative design and advanced features
  • Very stable
  • Diablo tensioner, auto start string gripper
  • Adjustable stand


  • The digital control panel doesn’t have a full keypad.

How To Choose A Tennis Stringing Machine

Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

Why Do You Need a Tennis Stringing Machine?

Any sports equipment, when used too much, will start showing signs of wear and tear. And great quality tennis racquets are no exception!

Every serious tennis player knows how important it is to invest in a quality intermediate racquet and the importance of keeping it in top shape.

After all, your racquet is always going to play a significant role in how you perform. How significant? Let's say that pro tennis players such as Rafael Nadal, Federer, Djokovich, and Dominic Thiem change their racquets after every set. That's significant!

Whether you are practicing a lot with a partner or a portable tennis ball machine, after a certain point of time, you'll inevitably notice strings of the racquet stretch and lose their tension. And to fix the loose strings, you'll need the help of a quality tennis stringing machine.

The best tennis stringing machines are equipped with a awesome features, and to select the right stringing machines, you should be aware of your needs. For instance, do you need it for your tennis store or personal use? Will you be using it rarely or regularly?


You’ll find three types of tennis stringing machines in the market to string a racquet, such as:

Drop Weight Tennis Stringing Machines: If you’re on a tight budget, the drop weight stringing machine makes for an ideal choice. They are maintenance-free and come with excellent durability due to the tensioning concept. It’s slower to operate but is a great option if you’re stringing only a few rackets per week.

Crank Tennis Stringing Machines: The crank stringing machine helps to tension the strings faster with its simple mechanism. Moreover, when it comes to accuracy, it’s the best in the game.

Electronic Tennis Stringing Machines: Electronic tennis stringing machines need to be calibrated regularly on the digital control to ensure that they perform accurately and fast. However, it’s the best option if you generally string plenty of rackets. Unlike the other stringing machines, the electronic ones feature a constant pull technology that also checks whether there is any tension loss.

Racquet Mounting System

The mounting system on stringing machines varies according to the number of contact points that are present for holding the racket down during the stringing process.

 If you opt for a tennis machine that comes with 2 points, it will be more affordable than the others. But the racquet frame won’t be stable during the restringing process because it might get distorted with just two points.

However, stringing machines that come with 4 point or 6 points might take longer to get the job done, but you won’t face any issues with its stability.

Table Top or Standalone

tennis stringing machine for home

If you’re looking for a stringing machine that can be easily moved around, the tabletop machine will be a suitable option. Moreover, when it comes to speed the standalone machine make for a better choice. It has a sturdy construction and advanced features that make it comfortable for you to work while standing. The standalone units are generally more expensive than tabletop units.


A Clamp is a unique feature that holds the tensioned string in place. You’ll usually find strings machines with either floating clamps or fixed clamps. The floating clamps aren’t attached to the machine, and it depends on one string to accurately hold the tension of another. But the fixed clamps help to ensure better tension consistency. However, stringing machines with floating clamps are an affordable option.


The price and efficiency of the stringing machine depend on whether you’re purchasing an entry-level, mid-range, or high-end product. It also differs based on the country in which it has been manufactured.

What about string tension?

Tennis Stringing Machines measure tension in pounds, and it’s an essential aspect in every racket that helps you play the game. The weight tells you how much pressure was earlier applied when the machine was pulling strings. Racquets that come with lower tension levels are known for producing more power while playing.

However, when you’ve got a racket with a higher tension level, it doesn’t indicate that it’s more powerful. It just means that you’ll have better control over your shots that also helps to spin the ball a little more. You need to be careful about the tension when you’re stringing your racket because if its too high or too low, the racket will get damaged easily.

You can find two types of tensioning systems that are available on stringing machines- constant pull and lockout. Constant pull means that the machine pulls the string to the required tension, but as the strings start getting loose, the machine pulls again to ensure that it stays at the desired level.

In the case of the lockout system, it pulls the string to the desired tension level before locking the length to ensure that it doesn’t lose tension.


This is a term that explains the strings ability to spring back to its regular alignment after it hits a ball. When we speak about the power of a racket, we generally refer to its elasticity to understand the extent to which the strings can deform before returning to its original alignment.

Moreover, strings that have higher flexibility will offer a higher impact with minimum effort because the string bed will give more energy to the ball.

Tools Needed for Stringing

tools for tennis stringing machine


You should check the product specifications and the handbook to understand the tools needed to string a racquet that are included with the stringing machine. The Racquet Service Techniques Handbook also helps you understand the technicalities of using the tool.


When and why should you replace your tennis strings?

It’s pretty challenging to describe accurately when you should be replacing to re-string a racquet. You can easily understand when your racket needs restringing before it gets loose. 

However, it depends on the number of times that you play and the type of game that it’s used for will determine when to string a racquet. For instance, if you’re in a routine of playing at least thrice a week, you probably need to restring the racket at least twice a year.  

But, if you’re practicing for upcoming events or competitions, you’ll need to restring more often. Likewise, for more force and usage you need to maintain the rackets pretty well. And to ensure better performance, you should try to replace the strings with a new set.

How to calibrate?

One of the vital steps to maintaining your tennis stringing machines is to ensure that it’s calibrated properly unless you’re using a device that has an electronic tension system. This means that if the racket needs a tension of 60 pounds, you need to accurately turn the dial of the string machine to read 60 pounds. 

How often you’ll need to calibrate tennis stringing machines depends on your requirements to string the rackets. Some stringing machines also include a calibrator, but some don’t. For calibrating the racket, you can either use a digital luggage scale or a spring calibrator from Gamma whichever is suitable for the machine. 

Can I use tennis restringing machine for badminton?

Yes, you can use tennis stringing machines for both tennis and badminton rackets. But you should remember that badminton racquet frames are more fragile than the tennis ones, so be extra careful while restringing. Also, you need to firmly tighten the knots as badminton strings aren’t as thick as the tennis strings.

Final words

Once you’re clear about your tennis stringing machine needs, it will get relatively simpler for you to skim through the options. Moreover, when your sports equipment is in good shape, it not only helps perform better but also keeps you at ease.

A stringing machine is a complete package; you can fix the strings as well as set the tension to the desired level. To avoid any form of discomfort while playing, it’s best to have the racket in perfect condition. 

Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has answered your questions and helped you find a stringing machine that suits your needs.

Until next time!

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