Gamma X-2 Tennis Stringing Machine Review

The Gamma X-2 tennis racquet stringing machine is a great entry-level stringing machine. Consider this list, if you are looking for a stringing machine other than entry-level. This machine is perfect for those who want to restring at home or for those who are thinking of starting a tennis pro shop. 

Gamma X-2 Tennis Stringing Machine

The Gamma X-2 is a drop weight tensioning machine, meaning that it uses a cylindrical weight on a tension bar versus an electric tennis stringing machine. Once you find the desired tension, all you need to do is tighten the tension bar's cylindrical weight. The tension range goes from 9 to 90 lbs, giving you a wide range of tension for your strings. It has a better range than the Klippermate stringer

The stringing machine has a 2 point mounting system position at 6 and 12. It is easy to adjust your racket, and it firmly fixes to the machine.

The X-2 comes with two composite floating clamps that work great and are easy to use, and you don't have to worry about slippage. The universal floating clamps also comprise a unique self-locking adjustment grip to provide the ideal amount of clamping pressure.


  • Very affordable, great way to learn the basic of tennis stringing
  • Accurate string tension throughout the process
  • Great for beginners that are interested in stringing professionally or if you are doing it for yourself or family


  • 2 point mounting system, the racket is not as supported as a 6 point mounting system
  • With the manual tension of the racket, errors are more common than other top-end tennis stringing machines
  • Time-consuming, very manual process

It comes with a chrome plated steel bar turntable, built in tool tray, pathfinder awl, straight awl hex wrenches, and straight pliers with a cutter. Strings are also included in the set, but it is recommended not to use the strings for play but for stringing practice. We recommend that you buy high-quality tennis strings if you want the best performance out of your racquet.

The Gamma X-2 is also lightweight compared to other models. So if you are planning on traveling for an extended period, this is another great reason to consider this model.


Overall this is great tennis stringing machine for the money. It is a great entry-level machine; however, many experienced stringers prefer a drop weight tensioning machine like the X-2 Gamma because they feel it is more accurate, and the tension does not slip. Gamma's instructions are not the easiest to follow, but there are plenty of great youtube videos out there.

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