The hard track, a land of records

tennis records

The Swiss Roger Federer continues spraying records. On hard track, he has added 92% of victories since the start of 2017.

The most recent stage in the career of Roger Federer has updated his records on hard track as few times in his career. In an analysis of the website of the ATP, the Swiss appears as a man virtually unbeatable since lifted the Australia Open in 2017. Their numbers and percentages of victory since January of last season has increased dramatically and is located very close to the historical percentage of the leader, Novak Djokovic.

With a record of 52 victories and four defeats since January 2017, Federer’s hard court is beyond analysis. Having skipped the clay, and with the exception of the grass season, the Swiss were a real steamroller on the surface most used in the circuit, placing his record in 83.4% of victories, second place in that classification.

tennis records

Nadal on clay (91.7%) and Don Budge on grass (91.2%) lead the historical classifications by surface. However, and despite the extraordinary numbers, Roger’s is far behind other own records. The number 1 in the world has had practically perfect seasons on cement:

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Jim Courier reflected on the great improvement that has seen Federer dominate both the hard track and the circuit. “Being more aggressive with the setback since the beginning of 2017 has had a great impact on their results. The 4-0 over Nadal last year was extremely incredible and is largely due to his backhand stroke. Roger is amazing on all surfaces, including the hard court, thanks to his vision of play and fantastic technique. “

Obviously, his extraordinary service has been largely responsible for his record. Roger has 14 victories out of the 56 that he has accumulated since 2017 on a hard track without facing break balls, an authentic statistical savage.

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