How to Measure Your Tennis Grip Size The Easy Way

Selection of the right tennis grip size is crucial, especially if you are upgrading your intermediate racquet or buying a new tennis racquet. Knowing how to choose a tennis grip size will save you from painful repercussions when you are playing.

Fortunately, choosing a tennis racquet grip is not an exact science. You have the freedom to choose your preferred grip size. You can go a little bit smaller or a little bit bigger. But remember, If you choose a grip size that is too small, it may cause a tennis elbow. Choosing a much bigger grip size requires more strength and it is more challenging to change the grip. It can also lead to arm and elbow problems later on. If you do run into elbow issues, consider elbow friendly tennis racquets

In this article, we will provide complete guidance on how to measure your grip size, the different techniques that you can use, benefits of getting a smaller or bigger size, and a grip size chart for your reference.

Measuring Your Tennis Grip Size

When measuring a grip size, you can start in the middle of the handle. The size will only range from 4 to 4 5/8 inches.

Here are the two methods that you can try when measuring your tennis grip size:

1. Place your palm in the same angle of the string face and then hold an eastern forehand grip. Make sure that the index finger of your non-hitting hand can fit in the space between your palm and your ring finger. Notice the area to determine the tennis grip size. If there’s not enough space for your index finger, then the tennis grip size is too small. But if there is too much space between your palm and your finger, then the grip is considered too big of a size.

2. The second method is by using a ruler. This is only applicable to those who do not have a tennis racquet. Open your hand and keep your fingers close. Place the ruler at the bottom of the life line of your palm and then start measuring the tip of your ring finger. 

ruler test to find tennis grip size

Kid’s Tennis Grip Sizes

When choosing the tennis grip sizes for kids, there are only a few options that you can select from. The junior tennis racquet sizes only range in 4 inches, and sometimes, for smaller players, it can only be 3 5/8 inches.

If you start playing tennis at a tender age, it’ll be convenient if your grip size is comfortable. However, if you cannot find a grip size that is right for the junior player, a large racquet grip size wouldn’t be much of a concern. 

Kids will most likely outgrow the grip size in a short time. And aside from that, they are not aggressive players like adults, so you don’t have to worry about elbow problems or them breaking their wrist or arm while playing.

Tips in Choosing the Right Tennis Grip Size

Here are the following tips to keep in mind when you are choosing the right tennis grip size:

  • Avoid selecting a much smaller tennis grip size. A small tennis grip size will force you to squeeze the handle while you are playing. As a result, it increases the chances of elbow problems and can also negatively affect your forearm and wrist when you play aggressively.
  • In some cases, you will be stuck between two tennis grip sizes. Make sure that you choose the smaller tennis grip size. Overgrips can be used to increase the size of small tennis grip sizes, but you can’t do it in bigger sizes. 
  • Always remember that a racquet with a large grip size will force you to use more strength while playing. Changing grips can also be challenging.
  • You can check the tennis racquet grip size on the buttcap of the racquet, but if it’s not written there, you can also check the frame’s throat.

Benefits of Having a Smaller or Bigger Size

As I’ve said earlier, you have the freedom to choose whatever size you want. But don’t go too far from your size because it may lead to discomfort or arm injuries. Here are the benefits of using a slightly smaller or bigger grip size:

  1. A smaller grip size can greatly affect how you turn your tennis racquet. It’s so much easier to maneuver and every little bit of turn can change its angle. If you like to create a lot of spin or specialty shots then maybe a smaller grip can be beneficial to you.
  2. bigger grip size can provide more consistent and stable turns.

Tennis Grip Size Chart

The tennis grip size may vary. It depends on the state that you are living in. Refer to our chart below and see the different tennis grip sizes.

US Sizes

European Sizes

Size in Millimeters

4 Inches


100-103 mm

4-1/8 Inches


103-106 mm

4-1/4 Inches


106-110 mm

3-3/8 Inches


110-113 mm

4-1/2 Inches


113-118 mm

4-5/8 Inches


118-120 mm

4-3/4 Inches


120-123 mm

What to Do When You’re Stuck Between Two Sizes?

In any case that you find yourself stuck between two sizes, there are a few factors that you need to consider. First, always remember that you can always increase the size of the racquet’s handle. 

If you are stuck between two sizes, then you should opt for the smaller one. All you need to do is add an overgrip so you can achieve your ideal tennis size. You can increase it by only 1 1/6 inch. Rafael Nadal uses a size two on his custom Babolat Aero racquet with an overgrip. 

Or if you prefer heat-shrink sleeve in increasing the grip size, you can also do it. It increases the grip size by only 1/8 inch. 

These two methods can help you to increase the sizes and the weight of the racquet (by only 7 to 16 grams). It will allow you to play comfortably, knowing that you have the ideal tennis grip size.

Final Notes

Choosing the right tennis grip size should be taken seriously. Albeit it is one of the most crucial elements of a tennis racquet, most of the time, it is often ignored and overlooked.

The right tennis racquet grip size will provide you optimal comfort when you are playing singles or doubles in tennis. It also helps to decrease the risks of getting into an elbow injury, especially if you are an aggressive player who likes racquets like the Pure Drive tennis racquet or the Clash 100 racquet. The right tennis grip size will also allow you to play for hours without suffering sore muscles later on.

Use this guide to prevent tennis elbow injuries from happening. Whether you want a junior tennis racquet, or a beginner tennis racquet, or  a high-performance tennis racquet, there is a wide variety of tennis grip sizes that you can choose from. 

Lastly, it is advisable that you change your grips regularly. There is nothing more frustrating than your tennis skills being affected by a small grip size. Play with comfort and style with the right tennis grip size. The right grip size will not cause unnecessary stress to your wrist and will allow your body to move in a full range of motion without difficulty.

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