10 Tennis Tips for Beginners in 2020 – Advance Faster!

Doing what you don’t know can be very frustrating. It is especially when you are playing tennis for the first time. So, for those who are a newcomer in this exciting kind of sport, here are some of the tips we can give you to enhance your Tennis skills in no time.

For every beginner, tips and guidelines are the most important things to absorb in order to improve faster in a particular sport. And in terms of tennis, some of the best things that you must consider include the right choice of tennis racquets, practice and taking tennis lessons. 

You also need to learn the right way of hitting the tennis ball, improving your speed, learning the right grip, improving your stamina, and taking one point at a time. Read more below!

10 Tips for New Tennis Players

1. Determine the Right Tennis Racquet

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If you are planning to buy an intermediate tennis racquet for you. You have to determine the right one first. Most especially that there is a sea of a tennis racquet in the market ranging from standard, good, to lower scale racquets.

On the other hand, the tennis racquets for beginners as well as the junior-sized racquets are particularly cheaper than the rest. However, it is not wise to just pick the cheapest. Go for a tennis racquet that matches your grip and body size as well as your budget.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

You will never master a sport without doing it a lot of times. It won’t matter if you buy a nice racquet like the Wilson Clash 100 if you don’t practice. Actually, this applies to everything. As a matter of fact, the best players in the world spent most of their lives honing their skills to get where they are now.

Practice can make your play perfect, smooth, and astoundingly excellent. You need to understand singles and doubles strategies. Therefore, do not get upset if you don’t play the way you expect for the meantime. If you don’t give up, you will soon get there. A tennis ball machine might not suit you at the moment, but it is a great investment if you’re really serious about becoming a great player.

3. Take Tennis Lessons

Apparently, the best way to improve is to take tennis lessons. Aside from learning the basic moves in playing the sport, taking lessons can help you avoid creating bad habits along the way. Grab the chance to improve your skills this summer and gain friends by taking tennis lessons near you. You can also study on your own, there are plenty of Tennis e-books that you can study.

4.Warm-Up and Cool-Down

These two things are actually neglected by most. However, warm-up and cool-down are very important especially in terms of safety and health.

Before and after playing, make sure to do these things first. It is best if you make it a habit. Warm-up and cool-down usually involve stretching your legs and arms as well as some jogging.

5. Stay Refreshed

tennis tips - hydrate

Staying refreshed means keeping yourself hydrated at all times. It is especially in summer seasons where most of us get the idea to go out and stay active despite the warm weather.

In addition to that, staying refreshed also means keeping your tummy happy. There are times when we enjoy playing, so much that we disregard our hunger. Taking light snacks can keep your body and performance better. Have a drink and eat fruit or energy bars depending on which you prefer.

6. Determine the Right Way to Hit the Ball

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2011 Loyola Tennis Photo: Tyler Kaufman

It is ideal to hit the tennis ball at waist level. To do this, observe the ball bounce and reach its highest pick. Afterward, hit it from your waist level up so you can return it on your opponent.

7. Improve Your Speed

You need to be fast in order to react quickly to your opponent’s smash. Try to improve your speed using various training like skipping with a rope which can enhance your coordination and footwork.

8. Learn the Right Grip

For different shots, there are various grips that you must master. Take some lessons or seek advice from someone with tennis experience to learn the right type of grip for a particular shot.

9. Improve Your Stamina

Tennis is a tiring game. As a matter of fact, it demands a great level of stamina to run fast from one side of the court to another. Not mentioning that you have to exert effort in smashing tennis balls using significantly heavy racquets.

One of the best things you can do to improve your stamina is to practice aerobic workout every day. You can also play other sports and practice more in tennis if you want.

10. Take One Point at a Time

What does it mean to take one point at a time? This means you have to focus your attention on taking points by disregarding the previous score that you lose. Having your emotions rumble just because of a lost point can only lead you out of track. Just keep calm and earn a new one.

Summing Up

The most important thing you must learn as a beginner in playing tennis is camaraderie and sportsmanship. In every sport, whether it is for competition or just a friendly game, these two things are very important. Therefore, make sure to follow our 10 Tennis Tips for Beginners and include these two essential things along the way.

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