Best Tennis Gift Ideas

We all have experienced a tiring amount of confusing thoughts when it comes to opting for the best gift for our loved ones. And when it comes to the tennis players’ gift ideas, it becomes a bit trickier. Here, give a break to your running thoughts as you have come to the right place!

Being tennis fans ourselves, we have assembled some of the useful, and at the same time heartwarming, gift-giving guide for the active tennis player in your life. Here are the options from which you can opt for the best choice for your tennis player;


The first thing which is most important for a tennis player lover is obviously the Tennis Racket. But not sure what to give them? No need to worry, we have list of best beginner racquets, reviews for the best tennis racquets, top intermediate racquets, kids racquets, and we even have a list for tennis elbow rackets. You can find it at an affordable price for you, which starts from a minimum of $30 for a junior racquet while $60 for an adult one. However, the top intermediate rackets can range between $150-$200.

The tennis player can easily maintain the racquet by renewing its grip or new overgrip and strings in as low as $30 annually. However, for those who cannot afford a brand new racquet can always go in the direction of second-hand items, no big deal. There, you can easily find the variety as per your budget.

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive


A tennis player would love such a thoughtful gift of a Tennis Ball machine! If anyone wants to up their tennis game in the most effective and fastest manner, then this is it; a tennis ball machine allows you to play anytime, anywhere, and without the helping hand of a coach or a partner.

Most of the tennis ball machines have a ball capacity of over 100 balls, which can feed balls to the extent of 70 miles per hour. Moreover, the player can customize the program for spinning and various directions of the court. Vast paced feed frequency can also be customized in a tennis ball machine.

The prices of the tennis ball machine may vary because of the size, color, and features from $100 to $200 and more.

Spinshot Pro


Most of the regular tennis players do not give it a second thought to own a Tennis Racquet stringer machine their selves, in contrast to the fact that they do need one.

The truth is racquet stringers can be surprisingly affordable. This fact makes a tennis racquet stringer to be the top-pick gift idea for an active tennis player!

While going to opt for a tennis racquet stringer, one must do the homework first. As obviously, there are stringer machines in the market which are pretty expensive, having all the fancy features with it.

A considerable cost of a tennis player can be saved if one opts for this useful gift as roughly a regular tennis player changes its strings after every two weeks, paying $15 for the labor only, excluding the cost of the strings. The player can further help family and friends with fixing the strings by his tennis racquet stringer and can think of earning some extra cash as well.

The cost of a Tennis Racquet machine starts around $200 and goes up with the additional professional features.

Gamma X-ST Stringer Machine


When your player opens a complete case of new tennis balls, it will surely bring a smile on his or her face.

Such a gift might sound common, but we do prefer gifting a can of tennis balls to the players because, let us face it, tennis balls are not cheap. If your tennis player is a freak of playing tennis, then he or she must be buying a tennis ball all the time, adding up the expenses. Having fresh tennis balls is always a welcomed surprise.

RF Legacy All Court Tennis Balls

The convenience which would come after receiving such a gift is on another level. When one is all ready to play, the hassle of going and grabbing a tennis ball from a nearby store can sometimes be very irritating. Picking it up from a case of tennis balls and heading towards the court sounds like an ideal situation for a tennis player

For your information, the most recommended case of tennis balls is that of “Wilson or Penn extra duty tennis balls.” They have 24 cans of tennis balls inside the case.


A cute and affordable gift for a tennis lover is none other than a tennis coffee mug. Whether the gift receiver is your mom, dad, friend, or any other person, they will be acknowledged for their commitment and love towards their game. A tennis player lover will surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

Tennis coffee mug is quite affordable, which comes in various sizes and shapes of ceramics. You can also customize a tennis coffee mug with the name of the player on the mug or as per the liking of the gift receiver.


If you want to gift something to a new tennis player whose interest seems to be growing in the tennis playing, a gift card in the form of tennis lessons sounds like an exciting along with a thoughtful present. When a person only knows the basics of his or her interest, there is nothing better than allowing them to learn his newly found skill in a much better way.


Gifting a tennis bag for a tennis player is a nice idea. A tennis-specific bag is highly valued by a day to day tennis player to keep all their equipment secured and organized.

You can find a multi-featured tennis bag in different price ranges having the comfort of different levels ranging from storage to durability, portability to design. There is a wide variety out there, ranging from tennis backpack, a bag with wheels, shoulder tote one, tournament, or duffel bag. Just pick which best suits your player’s needs!


Gifting a water bottle to a tennis player can be a gentle reminder to take care of his proper hydration. Often players overlook the fact to be completely hydrated while playing, which affects their overall performance.

There are water bottles for sports players out there that maintain the temperature of the liquid, whether a person is carrying a hot coffee or a cold juice or water with him.


If you want to give something very adorable to your near and dear tennis player, you can opt for a complete customized bobblehead doll for your player. Such a gift creates an ever-lasting impact and speaks volumes of your creative mind.

You can get your doll easily designed as per your requirements, including the body and pose from head to toe. There are people out there who design 100% real custom-made bobblehead dolls at reasonable prices.

Honorable Mention

One last thing to consider for a gift are sunglasses for tennis. Sunglasses are great for tennis players that are more sensitive to the sunlight. 

Final Thoughts

Having so many options to choose from, we are sure that by now, you must have already made up your mind what to gift to your tennis player. Have a happy shopping spree!

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