10 Effective Tennis Tips To Win Your Next Match

Tennis is one of the greatest sports available in the world. This game is fully enriched in professional competence, skills, tools, and techniques used by the top players in the world.

Besides technical aspects, the game of tennis needs one (player) to be mentally tough (2 players for tennis doubles strategies) enough to face the real challenges of the game.

High level of competitiveness demands a high level of physical stamina and caliber with psychological depth of locus of control that urges one to show remarkable performance.

Here are some tips helpful to players in order to keep focused:

1. Self Analysis

Keep on analyzing your strengths and weaknesses on regular basis. You can take help from videos, photos, and even friends (could be your opponents as well).

Keep on thinking ways to convert your weaknesses into strengths. In order to overcome the weakness, it is direly important to have a complete understanding of it. An ongoing strategic analysis will facilitate your catalyst in the conversion process.

Focus on key strength as may be the Forehands, Backhands, Drop shots or Volleys. Always use comfortable wearing (like kits, shoes etc) supporting your gameplay. Try a variety of racquets if you need to. Here are some articles if you are looking for a racquet to use:

For beginners

For intermediate

It is always advisable to have a part time/full time coaching to learn the best possible techniques of the game.

2. Competitive Advantage

Try to identify and define your key Competitive Advantage from any area of the game. This Competitive Advantage can be some specific shots like a powerful forehand or nice executed drop shot, some defensive or attaching strategy, some baseline or sideline tactics, on the net maneuvers etc.

Ensure on-time and at spot application of the competitive advantages to show some impressive game pushing the opponent toward making mistakes (like double faults, unforced errors etc).

Firing Aces is a key to success though needs plenty of practice and mindset. If you can’t find someone to practice with then look at tennis ball machines for practice. Players like Goran Ivanisevic and Ivo Karlovic (Leading Ace producers) are termed as having their competitive advantage in the form of an “ACE”.

3. Opponent’s analysis

The opponent’s analysis will help in devising the “appropriate strategy” for the match. Try to understand the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and find out the tactics to counter these significantly during the match.

Never underestimate the opponent as that could be his or her best day. Don’t let your opponent benefit from your mistakes frequently rather push him hard to commit mistakes by hitting the ball to all possible angles with full-court play.

Always anticipate some miracles from the opponents to keep you focused.

4. Selective approach

There are certain things which you can do and some things which you can’t. Always try to capitalize upon the key personal strengths. Build your strategy as it should be compatible with your skill set. Top players always go for BIG point-scoring tournaments rather than some small wins.

5. Focus of Control

Start believing in yourself. If you feel you can do it, you achieve it often. Tennis is a game of Emotional Stability and you must have complete control over your gestures and postures.

It has been observed that the one common trait of all great tennis players (like Rod Laver, Stephen Edberg, Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal) in the history is the ICE-COOL stuff that they have developed and this helped them in capturing world no. 1 spot as well. Nowadays, besides the traits, you can use the same racquets as the greats like Rafel Nadal.

Little exercise leading toward building mental toughness can work well.

10 effective tips for tennis

6. Leading aggressive behavior Remember!

Aggression is positive stuff provided that if you manage it in the “right” direction. This provides you intrinsic energy to achieve a high level of performance.

It is always recommended that attacking the opponent with powerful shots of your specialty is a very useful strategy. Don’t try to lead your aggression toward anger. This will certainly add more to frustrations.

It is considered really very ODD to throw your racquet at the court on losing some points or confronting with the chair umpire for some sideline or baseline errors. Always admire and praise yourself after winning every point, producing every Ace, and winning every game.

This will certainly boost the moral helping you ensuring complete control over your actions.

7. Avoid distractions

Keep yourself fully devoted to the game and never show reactions or responses to the crowd. Avoid confronting with the on-court staff or side umpires, even with the spectators supporting the opponent.

While serving, concentrate your energies to hit the ball impressively as well as desirably. This will certainly help you in producing speedy and accurate service.

While returning, keep your eyes focused on the BALL rather than the opponent or his/her racket. It has been observed that changing racket un-necessarily can de-track your progress.

8. Match analysis

A pre-match analysis will facilitate you in devising your strategy for the coming match. A post-match analysis will help you to identify your strength and weaknesses and will ensure learning outcomes.

These learning outcomes will be helpful in the forthcoming matches against the same or different opponents. It has been observed that watching the video of the match replays ensure a high level of learning out of mistakes done at the court.

9. Using game intervals significantly

The rest intervals between the games and sets should be properly utilized. Always stay relaxed during the breaks/intervals and review your performance instantly. Use some drinks or eatables (suiting to your stomach) that certainly will help you achieving mental calmness.

10. Focus professionally

Take your game seriously and show some responsible professional behavior during and after the match. This will help in building a career significantly. Keep your tennis strings fresh and restring when necessary.

Show respect for all on the court and in the arena. Being professionally competent, the sportsman spirit should always be at its best. Remember! Hard work can compensate for a lack of talent.

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